Wine Membrane filter machine

Wine Membrane filter machine

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1.       Brief introduction
This machine is very popular in the world , it contains protect and filter system , the protect system is cotton cloth , the fillter system is mini hole filter .Use the mini hole to filter the sediment ,make the beer clearly .To work with vane type diatomite filter , plate frame type diatomite filter ,level disk type diatomite filter and column diatomite filter will constitute two-stage or triple-stage system.
2.       Apply for:
Beer ,grape wine , yellow wine , wine and beverage industry .
3.       Features
The aperture is so toothful to keep away the sediment .
The aperture are uniformity.
The mini hole occupy the 80% of the whole plate ,so the filter speed is fast.
No resort on the plate.
Widely used in many kinds of liquor .
Small volume , easy to change the core ,and easy to operate .
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