wireless smoke detector

wireless smoke detector

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1.Easy to install and use, popular model and finished design
2.Reliable and steady Special single chipset, intelligence control and self-test
3.Sound and light alarm, relay on /off signal output and self-restoration
4.Compatible with burglar alarm system, interphone and so on.
1)Independent mode: it works as wireless auto smoke and fire detector alarm. 
2)Compatible mode: it works with our burglar alarm system.
3) widely used for kitchen and no smoking place.
4)self-detector and automatically give an alarm warning to users. When it works with our burglar alarm, with LED indicated, it sends a wireless signal to alarm host if detecting smoke hydronium. and then it alarms and the alarm host auto-dials the pre-setting telephone or mobile phone
5) Alarm condition required: the smoke density with time reaches the limit. or the "test" button on the detector is pressed.
1)Special SCM intelligent controls, self-detecting, strong reliability, and easy installation
2) Relay normally opened/closed signal output and resumes automatically
3) Material: ABS
4) Power: 9~15V DC, 24V optional
5) Static current: <20uA
6) Alarm current: <25mA
7) Alarm output: NC, NO, level, flashing alarm
8) Alarm volume: < 95dB
9) Monitoring area: 20sqm
10) Self-detecting LED: 1.67s 
11) Working temperature: -10 ~ 45oC
12) Relative humidity: < 95% 
BKD # 206083
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