Wireless Video Borescope with Detachable Snake Tube and Screen

Wireless Video Borescope with Detachable Snake Tube and Screen

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Product Details

Item NO: AV7810(3.9mm/5.5mm/9.0mm/17mm)
Part Name:Wireless Video Borescope with Detachable Snake Tube and Screen
Image Senso:VGA CMOS Sensor, Sensor area 1 /18"/12"/10"/4"
Effective Pixel:320(H)x240(V)(N) /720(H)x525(V)(N)/720(H)x625(V)(P) 
Focus distance:20mm-80mm
View angle:60 degree Fov(D)
LED illumination:2 leds, illumination can be adjustable in 6 levels
USB interface:USB 2.0
Data output
Video output, connected to TV or PC
Screen 3.5 TFT LCDQVGA 320 x 240 16.7M color
Record and Photograph
0 standard JPEG video
(w/ audio) resolution:30fps
Photo format:JPG \BMP \JPEG
Video Format:AVI
Image capture format:JPEG
Memory card:(SD card not included)Supports SD card 
capacity up to 32GB
Image can be displayed with 180 degrees rotating
Picture freezing and taking photos in frozen state
Real time clock with photo and video
image dynamic monitoring (motion detecting) function
To enlarge or reduce the maximum:8 times
Automatic recognition of NTSC/PAL
Composite video output
Ten minutes without operation, automatic closure of TFT into power saving mode
Language:English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional 

Equipment dimensions
Monitor dimension:112*82*25.5mm
Handle dimension:195*140*45 mm
Probe Dimension:4.5mm
Snake tube dimension:3.9mm(5.5mm/9.0mm/17mm)*1000MM
PE box size:450*350*130 mm (Optional)   
Host Voltage:5V
Working Current:600MA/H
Output voltage:5V
Input voltage100-220V
Input current:2A
3.7V builit-in Li rechargable battery in screen part
Power:4 AA Battery in handle
Working Temperature:0-45 centigrade
Standard Accessory:1 A dapter,1 USB Cable,1 AV output Cable
BKD # 622433

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