Wonpro universal power strip

Wonpro universal power strip

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Name of product series: Wonpro Universal receptacle extension cord series
Name of product: Wonpro Universal receptacle extension cord

1.Outer shell made of high polymer PC material:
High polymer PC material, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, is a high-tech crystal of plastic fields. It is not burnt when it is cauterized by the ardor thread at 850?.The temperature of heat distortion is higher for 120?. It is resistant against fire, high temperature, press, electricity arc and humidification.

2.The inner contact parts made of importation phosphor bronze.
Flexible and elastic, holding the test of 10 thousand plugs in and out.

3. Design for Patent universal socket-outlet hole:
Wonpro Co., Ltd is a creator of the first world patented of universal safety receptacles, having obtained patents from 50 countries, the mother of universal safety receptacles. We have mastered most well-rounded manufacture techinics and most steady product quality on similar product lines. With five receptacle hole, Wonpro products are compatible to more than 20 kinds of plugs in the world and are insured to the safety wiring of computer, communication, network, refrigeration, movie and radio used in household.

4.Recoverable overload protection.
The products built in the overload protection set with safety certification of UL, CSA, sensitive and processing polish. When the current overloads, protection implement will be rapidly flipped, shutting off the power resource. After the overload is eliminated, shut on the power resource by pressing the button, and recover normal protect conditions without replacing the fuss. The protection set can be used repeatedly, conveniently.

5.MOV protection:
MOV is Voltage-dependent. It minimizes the resistance of the extra-voltage in a flick of time, thus effectively reducing or eliminating damage for electrical peripheral equipment owing to power source produces surge, avoids the bad infection of lightning strike and prolongs the life of the electrical equipment.

6.Rational interspaces of receptacle and efficient available space.

7.Double breaker design for both zero line and live line to provide real switch protection.
8.The elongated link line and Wonpro unique connection method connects the receptacle further in stronger connection.

9.The power cord and plug for choice

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