World's Shortest, Most Powerful Astro Saber Battery Pack

World's Shortest, Most Powerful Astro Saber Battery Pack

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This rechargeable battery pack is a Great Leader original- nobody else makes a Motorola Saber battery this short, or powerful!
The GLM-4588 is a hit with Public Safety and Law Enforcement Professionals. This mighty midget removes the "weak link" (an oversized, overweight battery pack) from the "best digital radio ever made".
At only 2" this GL original battery is the shortest Astro Saber battery in existence- yet its Panasonic Li-ion cells pack over 1900mAh of capacity. Compare that to only 1700mAh rated capacity for its closest equivalent, the OEM Li-ion Saber battery-at nearly 1cm longer- or only 1500mAh for the standard OEM Ni-Cad battery, at over twice the length and weight. The GLM-4588-Li19 also retains the flared "Saber Grip" shape preferred by law enforcement professionals, which was not retained in the OEM Li-ion version- truly giving the user even better than "the best of both worlds".
Like all GL battery packs, the GLM-4588 is constructed of 100% rugged PC plastic, guaranteed to outlast the lifetime of the battery cells. It can be charged on standard later model tri-chem Saber chargers, including IMPRES models. Complementary generic tri-chemistry charger is also available from GL if necessary.
This rechargeable battery pack suits Motorola handheld two way radio models: Motorola Saber, Motorola Astro Saber, Motorola MX1000, Motorola MX2000, Motorola MX3000
Chemistry/Capacity/Cell Options:
Li-ion/1900mAh/Panasonic CGA103450A
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