xbox 360 case/housing/shell (red color)

xbox 360 case/housing/shell (red color)

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Xbox 360 shell / xbox 360 case 

Besides, the main of our products are included video game controller, modchip,laser lens, LCD screen for nintendo DS series and Sony PSP1000/2000/3000, memory card, flash card, xbox360 hard drive, game cable, power adapter, cases, console repair parts and other game console accessories for nintendo Wii, NDS/NDSL/NDSi/NDSIXL,3DS, Sony PS2/PS3, PSP1000 to PSP3000,pspgo, and Microsoft xbox/xbox360/xbox360 slim. 

We can supply you: Good quality production, Good price, Fast shipment, Paypal accepted. 

Xing Hai electronic co.,ltd
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