Y series large-scale high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (6KV)

Y series large-scale high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (6KV)

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1. General
Y series large-scale high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are designed by the technical personnel of our company to satisfy the market requirements and replace the old products. The mounting dimensions, power grades, electrical performance of these motors all comply with the previous standard. These motors adopted advanced technical result of the motor industry in recent years more in the production, therefore the configuration is more reasonable, and the craft is more advanced, the motors are with features of high efficiency and power factor, low noise and vibration, reliable performance and convenience for mounting and maintaining.
The rated frequency of the motor is 50 Hz, and we can also provide 60 Hz or special frequency motor under the request of the order.
The configuration and mounting type of the motor is IM7311.

2. Configuration
The base of the motor is welded by steel plate. Its configuration is compact and comfortable, thus the rigidity and stability is good. The windings are made of class F insulation materials, temperature rise will be considered on class B to extension the life; At each end there are reliable fastness and colligation. During processing, they are suffered many times of pulse voltage tests on windings interlayer and voltage endurance test to ground, and the motor has excellent insulation, strong mechanical and fine moisture protection.
The squirrel cage rotor is the copper bars configuration, which can reduce the lost and improve the efficiency, the bar and end ring are welded in a whole set with advanced intermediate frequency welding craft, fastness and endurance. We can manufacture motors with cast aluminum rotor under special using conditions and property requests.
These motors are a basic series and its protection class is IP00. We can also manufacture motor under the order request such as pipeline ventilation type with protection class IP44 or closed type with protection class IP44 (The motor will equipped with water-air cooler or air-air cooler).

3. Application
These motors can be used to drive different general machines such as compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine, transportation equipment and other facilities, it is widely used in the power plant, mine, machine industry, building material industry, petroleum and chemical industry, etc. If your ordered motors are used to drive blower, coal-grinder, rolling mill, windlass, please clarify the application and technique requests at the time of placing your order so that we can use special design to ensure the reliable operation of the motor.

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