YB6 American transformer substation

YB6 American transformer substation

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YB6 Series Pre-Fabricated Substation(American Style Substation)
1.General Introduction
YB()series substation is suitable for 7.2kv and 12kv ring power supply and terminal power supply system as HV distribution calculation and protection equipment. In the substation except transformer there are 4 load switches, twq-position load switch,protection fuse and plug-in fuse in the HV side.We can install control electrical, distribution electrical, compensation electrical and meters.This substation can use indoor or outdoor .
2.Structure Characteristics
The box stucture of this procuct is divided into two parts. In front is HV and LV operation room.
In the HV room including HV terminals, load switch,off-load switchgear, plug-in fuse, pressure relief valve, thermometer, oil level indicator and oil drain valve. In LV room including LV terminals.
In the back sector are oil tank and radiator, and transformer winding and iron, load switch and protection fuse are in the oil tank
3. Performance Characteristics
1.This substation is small volume and compact type.
2.Omniseal and all insulation.
3.It is not only suitable for ring but also for terminal.
4.Low loss.

4.Normal Service Condition
1.The altitude should not be over 100m(If over
should be further designed)
2.The wind pressure should not be over 70pa (35m/s)
3.Humidity: Daily average value should not be over
95% and month average value should not be over 90%.
4.Ambient temperature:
5.Erthquake intensive:8
6.Installation site lean level:Not be over 3
-25degree-+40 degree
5.Technical Parameters

Name Unit HV Equipment Transformer L.V Equipment
Rated Voltage KV 12 10/0.4 0.4
Rated Current A 630 3/75 75/1 75
Frequency Hz 50 50 50
Rated Capacity KVA 50~1250
Rated instantaneous power frequency withstand voltage(1min) KV Earthing ├┐ phase to phase 42├┐port 48 35/2 2.5
Lighting impulse

withstand voltage KV 75 75
Crust protection grade Omniseal IP33
Noisy grade DB Oil type<55
Appearance dimensions 1825*1400*2020~3945*1560*2020

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