Yida cold extrusion coupler

Yida cold extrusion coupler

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The features of this technology:
1.Strong intensity connector, stable and reliable; no specific requirements on the weld ability of the rebar;
2.Only needs 1-3m to stamp each connector, which is about ten times faster than ordinary welding;
3.Only 1-3 kw power of oil pump , which is not limited by power capacity, has flexible structure and suitable for operation on several machines;
YJ650 stamping equipment
4.No flammable gases, not affected by rainy or cold weather;
5.Relieve congestion of the connecting point, facilitated concrete pouring;
6.No professional and experienced worker needed, able to connect changed steel bar of different diameters;
7.Save 80% of connector steel consumption.
The technology is assessed by the Ministry of Construction as "world advanced, high quality, high efficiency, safe, and economical thick diameter distorted steel bar connection technology which can be widely used in the construction industry."

Cold Extrusion Application Principle:
1.Place it well at the working point.
2.Directly use it to press connection point with screwless couplers to link the two rebar.

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