zinc aluminum alloy wire

zinc aluminum alloy wire

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Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire
The raw materials used in all 0# zinc distillation zinc ingot quality, high purity zinc, the zinc content of more than 99.995%, the strict implementation of national standard GB/T470-2008;The raw material aluminum ingot all uses the high-quality aluminum ingot, the aluminum ingot purity is high, the aluminum content above 99.8%, strictly carries out the national standard, the remelting uses the aluminum ingot GB/T1196 - 2008


1. Zinc Aluminum alloy coatings have similar stability with spraying aluminum coatings and the electrochemical protection as well as spraying zinc coating, zinc aluminum alloy coating is an ideal anticorrosion protective coating of sea water.
2. Compared with the zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, it's coating has coherence, the resistance to wear and corrosion resistivity is better as well as the construction of superior performance. The zinc aluminum alloy wire makes the sacrifice anode and sprays coating in the steel and iron component surface layerand it make the component service life lengthen 5-10 times

Product name :zinc aluminum alloy wire (ZnAl8515 alloy wire)
Diameter :1.2-10mm
ZnAl content :
Zn :84-86%
Al :14-15%


Applicable to ductile pipes, dockyard,power capacitors, power tower, tower, container, derrick, bridges gate, tunnel framework, metal stents, large steel structure surface thermal spraying zinc corrosion protection industry.


Zinc Aluminum alloy wire is widely applied to thermal spraying anticorrosion, container, bridge, head frame, storage tank, electric iron tower, poles and towers, capacitor, metal bracket, nodular cast iron pipe, traffic equipments, etc.

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Brand: Canchun
Model: Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire
Availability: In stock
Condition: New
Material: Zinc Ingot
Color: sliver Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire
Certification: sgs
Usage: ductile pipes, dockyard,power capacitors, power tower, tower, container, derrick, bridges gate, tunn
Supply type: Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire
Supply capacity: 2000tons per month
Origin: Hebei ,China
Sample: avalable
Customization: yes
Product type: Zinc Aluminum Alloy Wire
Dimensions: 0.5mm-5.0mm
Weight: 20kg/spool
Lead time: 5-7DAYS
Packaging: SPOOL
Payment: TT ,LC
Warranty: 3MONTH
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