Zircon sand concentration

Zircon sand concentration

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Zircon sand concentration
Zircon sand, also known as zircon sand ore, zircon, which is mainly composed of a zirconium silicate mineral composition. Pure zircon sand is colorless transparent crystals . Due to different origin, the type of impurities and the amount of lead zirconium sand color yellow, orange, red, brown and other colors, and its crystal structure belongs to tetragonal system, beneficiation the process map can be seen under the map.

Zircon sand production line
The main process is: the original ore through vibrating screen sieve, the sieved material directly use gravity concentration equipment ( spiral chute ) to sorting out the finished concentrate, substandard product through the ball mill grinding, and then through gravity separation can be come to concentrate zircon sand . Zircon sand processing work is simple, mature technology.

The following are the three preparation zircon the sanding ore process, for reference only:

1, zircon sand wet milling process, the best health status, but the actual production of the factory, especially the sudden interruption of work (power outage, machine repair), the proportion of zircon sand is too large, easily precipitate, is not easy to float , which will often affect product quality, and even the whole mill products failed, seriously affecting the economic efficiency of enterprises.

2, the characteristics of the zircon sand dry milling process is simple, no need to evaporate water and reduce water pollution. Particle size range is better.

3, the wet and dry mixing grinding of zircon sand and this process is a dry grinding of compound grinding aids of zircon sand for a period of time, to be coarse granular materials up to a certain degree of fineness, and then adding water and grinding aid agent for wet grinding for the same milling time, the effect of this method is best, but the inadequacies in the milling process is to increase the grinding aids, adding water during the process.

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