ZJ(3D)-160100LD Multifunction Laser Machine for Cutting Engraving

ZJ(3D)-160100LD Multifunction Laser Machine for Cutting Engraving

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ZJ(3D)-160100LD Multifunction Laser Engraving Cutting Punching Hollowing Machine

GOLDEN LASER Advantages for Fabric Leather Laser Engraving, Punching and Cutting:
Efficient and smart nesting technology (Single-image nesting and Multi-image nesting)
Large format high speed Galvo engraving and punching
Advanced pattern digitizing technology
Long strip flying engraving and cutting without splicing traces
Advanced solutions for genuine leather cutting
Long material continuous cutting
High performance spreading, feeding and rewinding systems

Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Specifications:
1. Germany Scanlab 3D dynamic Galvo head, scan area within one time could reach 400*400mm.
X.Y axis moving respectively, realizing large-scale engraving cutting and hollowing on batch quantity of home-textile material.
2. Conveyor working table, cooperating with auto-feeding system, which could realize the auto-processing on rolling material (engraving and punching on large-scale leather and textile material).
3. 150W CO2 RF Metal laser tube, laser beam quality is more stable, laser spot is more slim.
4.Compared with traditional process method, maximally reducing the material waste (the utilization of material could be increased by 30% than traditional process method).
5. With GoldenLaser self-developed software, Various formats are supported according to your requirements.
6.Besides,goldenlaser allows efficient and intelligent typesetting technology
7.Auto-cutting technology with CCD Camera edge-finishing, continuous feeding system, cutting square and line.

Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Technical Parameter:
Laser type Co2 RF metal laser tube
Laser power 100W / 150W
Cutting area 1600mm×1000mm
Cutting table Conveyor working table
No-load max speed 0-420000mm/min
Repeating location ±0.1mm
Motion system Offline servo system, 5 inches LCD screen
Cooling system Constant temperature water-chiller
Power supply AC220V ± 5% / 50Hz
Format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.
Standard collocation 1 set of 1100W top exhaust fan, 2 sets of 1100W bottom exhaust fans
Optional collocation Auto-feeding system, Co2 RF metal laser tube 100W

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