ZN63A-12 series of Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN63A-12 series of Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZN63A (VS1)-12 series of indoor vacuum circuit breaker is used for indoor 12kV switchgear, it is suitable to control and protect transmission and distribution system such as electric network equipment and industrial & mining industry etc as their protection and control unit.
It can match with KYN28 (GZS1), XGN and GG1-A series of switchgears. The Products meet standards of GB1984-2003, this series of products include: VCB truck, isolation truck and Fuse truck Etc.
Structural characteristics:
1.This series of VCB is used integrated design for operating mechanism and VCB body with reasonable, beautiful and compact arrangement.
2.This series of VCB adopted vertical insulation house against impact due to different weather, it can effectively prevent VIs against damage by exterior factors,
3.The two different installation unit of Fixed type and withdrawable type can meet the different requirements for different switchgear.

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