ZT series automatic push-rod heat treatment (quenching ) production line

ZT series automatic push-rod heat treatment (quenching ) production line

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ZT series automatic push-rod heat treatment (quenching) production line ,with many years' experience in design and manufacture of similar products ,PLC intelligence control program ,have the characteristics of safe and energy-saving ,highly automatic and high production efficiency . this equipment can be used for multi-purpose ,can be widely used in casting products ,and mechanical  parts of quenching ,normalizing ,tempering , quenching and tempering etc.

Main parts:
It mainly made of the furnace liner electrical heating device, pushing  device, running orbit, heat-resistant baskets, upender ,air-cooling quenchingsystem, hydraulic  system and electric control system etc.

Operation process: first, put steel balls into the baskets and then put the baskets in front of the furnace workbench. second use hydraulic pressure to drive oil cylinder so that to open the furnace  door ,the push-rod of the oil cylinder push the baskets into the furnace ,and in turn push forward the baskets in place ,then close the door. Third, the furnace continues to heating, so far to complete a work cycle. The baskets in the furnace in turn cross heating area, heat preservation zone, automatic discharging, automatic quenching. (pushing material cycle adjustable )
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