Trade Show Equipment


  • PHY001 Heavy Fog Liquid

    + High purity stage fog liquid is made by distilled water with environmental friendly formula. + It can produce pure white fog which can last long in the... Read more

  • PHY002 Bubble Juice

    + Made by distilled water with water-soluble environmental friendly formula,the colorless,odorless bubble water can produce colorized bubbles. + The... Read more

  • PHY003 Snow Juice

    + The snow liquid is made by distilled water and new environment friendly is non-toxic,totally biodegradable liquid,which can be fast dissolved... Read more

  • PHY004 Foam Juice

    + The foam liquid is made by distilled water and new environment friendly is non-toxic,totally biodegradable liquid,which can be fast dissolved... Read more

  • PHY005 Hazer Liquid

    + Hazer liquid is researched and designed only for haze effect,made from high-quality,nontoxic chemical substances,suitable for non-heating haze machine... Read more

  • PHY006 Special Foam Powder

    + The special foam powder is new environment friendly is non-toxic,totally biodegradable powder,which can be fast dissolved into water. + Works... Read more

  • PHS002 Big Foam Machine

    The machine can quickly produce great amount of foam in a moment and create the snow sea effect. People will enjoy themselves while exposed to such... Read more

  • PHS003 Jet Foam Machine

    + Jet foam machine is the lastest product. + According to different using environment,adopt two-stage fan pushing,can push the foam to further distance. +... Read more

  • PHL001 Snow Machine

    + Snow machine can be applied to TV station,large-size entertainment places,film. + Output distance 5M,can be remote controller or manual controller,output... Read more

  • PHL002 Snow Machine With DMX-512

    The snow machine is a new type one, which is the first one to adopt the international DMX512 signal control to solve the difficulty of separate line... Read more

  • PHK003 Bubble machine(100W)

    Voltage:110V /220-240V. Frequency:50-60Hz. Power Consumption:100W. Fuse:3A. Motor:AC220V/45RPM*2. Liquid Consumption:4.8L/H. Function:Output distance... Read more

  • PHK004 Bubble machine(DMX)

    The professional bubble machine makes plenty of vivid bubbles, which has a bubble-made tray.Its liquid storage groove is made of plastic material.... Read more

  • PHK005 Roller Bubble Machine (DMX)

    + Adopt new-style roller design.use more bubble wheels,then produce more bubbles. + This machine is fit for hanging to use.a great deal bubbles falling,let... Read more

  • PHK006 Mini Bubble Machine

    + This lightweight bubble machine features barrel rolling wands which produces an incredible amount of bubbles. It is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and... Read more

  • PHK007 Combined Bubble and Fog Machine

    + A combined bubble and haze machine with a 400W haze heating block and a powerful fan driving haze, bubbles or both through a single wide aperture. +... Read more

  • PHJ002 1200W Fog Machine(remote)

    Voltage:220-240V,50-60Hz. Power Consumption:1200W. Fuse:10A. Capicity:1.5Lquart tank capacity. Pump:SP-12A. Smoke Output:6200 cu.ft/min. Warn Up... Read more

  • PHJ003 700W Fog Machine

    Voltage:AC 110/220V. Frequency:50-60Hz. Power Consumption:700W. Fuse:10A. Capicity:1Lquart tank capacity. Smoke Output:3500 cu.ft/min. Warn Up... Read more

  • PHJ004 1500W Fog Machine(remote)

    Working Voltage:AC110V-240V50/60Hz. Heater:1500W. Tank Capacity:1.5L. Smoke Output:5600cuft/min. Warn Up Time:8min. Output Distance:9M. Wire control... Read more

  • PHJ006 900W Fog Machine

    + Equipped with the common Manual controller and remote control kits. + Adopt the mirror patent technology(mirror piping),which makes its pipe never... Read more

  • PHJ009 400W Fog Machine

    Voltage:AC110/220V. Frequency:50/60Hz. Power Consumption:400W. Fuse:5A. Tank Capacity:0.6L. Pump:NSP-12A. Smoke Output:3500 cu.ft/min. Warn Up... Read more

  • PHJ016 3000W Water-Fog Machine

    + 3000W water-fog machine is a kind of machine which uses the principle of ultrasonic water mist mixing to make the smoke stick to the ground. + It does... Read more

  • PHJ018 3000W Fog Machine

    + Its plug-in controller can set timed spraying freely. For a long-distance control, just spin out the controller and insert 4-core wire to turn it into a... Read more

  • PHJ019 1500W LED Vertical Fog Machine

    + This is a powerful 1500W with 21 pcs 3W LED lamps smoke machine that shoots a thick cloud of fog straight up in the air. + Can be used at the same time... Read more

  • PHJ025 Pro Stage Fan With DMX

    + As a professional auxiliary equipment,Pro DMX Fan has durable metal shell and allows DMX and wireless control. + Adjustable wind speed from range 1 to... Read more

  • PHJ027 1500W Fog Machine With DMX-512

    This is a durable fog machine with middle amount of fog output,which is equipped with the interface of wireless controlling and DMX-512,and also employed... Read more

  • PHJ030 Visional Fogger

    + This is a top stage haze machine which obtained a number of patents.with far output distance.the haze machine is not only for various high-end performance... Read more

  • PHJ031 Mini Super Fazer

    + This is a haze machine which applies to pub to hang it up or put it on the stage.with small size,it is easy to carry.with multifunction,easily adjustable... Read more

  • PHJ032 Haze Machine (Atomizer-600)

    + The atomizer is a haze machine which different from the traditional hazer. It adopts high-pressure atomization technology.No need heating system and can... Read more

  • PHJ033 Fazer-1500

    + This is a professional long-life haze machine with small body and flight case.Several sets can be used together. + Adopt the new heating system which... Read more

  • PHJ034 900W LED Fog Machine

    Voltage:AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60Hz. Power:900W. Fuse:230V/8A 110V/15A. Light source:4*3W RGB 3in1 LEDs. Remote control(can choose the LED color you... Read more

  • PHJ035 1500W LED Smoke Machine

    + The 1500W LED smoke machine is a professional performing smoke machine.This machine add 6 pcs 3W 3-in-1 RGB LED lamps, the fog color can elective. +... Read more