Feed Processing Machines


  • Pneumatic Slider

    In the bulgur production or feed dozing unit, it is the equipment where used to discharge products by automation control in silos or bunkers where products... Read more

  • Magnetic Separator

    Magnetic separator is the equipment that is used to capture iron-like magnetic materials that mixed into the product which shall be trasported. Highly... Read more

  • Oil Tank

    Oil tank is used for the storing and meeting the daily needed oil of the facility.... Read more

  • Loading Belt Conveyor

    It is the machine that used for the aim of the loading and stacking of the bagged products. Conveyor belt carries out its rolling mechanism via reduction... Read more

  • Transport Screw Conveyor

    Transport screw conveyors are used for loading and unloading of all kinds of granular products and also similar goods to be transferred. It is possible to... Read more

  • Elevator

    These machines are used to transport the products as vertical from anywhere to another position. It carries out the transport process thanks to specially... Read more

  • Screw Conveyor

    They are the machines that are made as spiral auger and are used to carry products from one place to another in vertical and horizontal positions. The... Read more

  • Control Panel

    Toprakçılar Makina offers to you full automatic turn-key projects as desired scale with control unit. It provides control panel service for controlling of... Read more

  • Stock Silo

    Besides from the industrial machines, our firm manufactures modular and monolithic silos which is used to storage for the powder and granule products. The... Read more

  • Cyclone

    It is the machine where it is used to separate dust bran like materials are carried by air which was produced in air fan. The air that transports with dust... Read more

  • Air Fan

    These machine are used for the ventilation and pneumatic transport. The fin on the rotor that is a moving component of air fan works on the air and gives it... Read more

  • Pellet Sieve

    The pressed pellets are still dusty at the output of the press machine and it can consists particles. That’s why the sieving of the pellets are very... Read more

  • Pellet Cooler

    After the pressing process, the product is hot and it needs to be cooled. The Pellet Cooler Unit is offered to usage by TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA and the pellets... Read more

  • Dosage Scale

    For the feed processing process, it is very important that giving the feed to animal in the appropriate dosage. That is why the dosage scale is used for... Read more

  • Automatic Bagging Scale

    It is the machine that is used for packaging the final product. Thanks to the PLC unit that is ready for ordering, the product at the top of bunker is... Read more

  • Combined Crushing And Mixing Units

    Toprakçılar Makina carries out machine design and manufacturing not only for large-scale industrial needs but also they meet the every industrial needs... Read more

  • Molasses Mixer

    It is the machine that provides homogeneous mixing of the molasses and products similar to it which it can be added inside of the feed It is designed as one... Read more

  • Mixer

    In poultry or sheep/cattle industry, it is important to give different nutritional raw materials to animals in a homogenuously mixture on animal breeding.... Read more

  • Hammer Mill

    It is a machine that makes the grinding process in feed and wood pellet facilities by breaking the product with protruding metal parts that called hammer.... Read more

  • Animal Feed Press Machine

    Pellet press is the machine that is used to provide in different sized pellets according to mesh diameter on the disc by mechanically compressing the... Read more