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Company overview

Our company,China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd is located in Jinan City,Shandong province,China.We export soft electromagnetic shielding materials like EMI/EMC shielding fabrics,special protective cloth material,silver fiber health clothes.
Our main products:conductive fabric,conductive sponge,conductive adhesive tape,EMI shielding gaskets,conductive nickel mesh,conductive non-woven fabric,conductive elastomer,silver fabric,EMI/EMC power line filters and so on.
The products,after the test of Ministry of Space Industry of PRC 203 institute and Shanghai testing center of China,reached 60-70 dB in the shielding efficiency and 0.05-0.01ohm/sq in the surface resistance,therefore,The products have reached or even surpassed the international level.And the indicators of our products are in line with the European ROHS standard.
Our products can satisfy the technical requirements of electromagnetic compatibility in the areas of electronic industry,clothing,medical instruments,communication,war industry,aerospace and so on.
If you have any question about our products,please do not hesitate to contact us.
China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mrs.Zhu Jing

Fast Facts

Year established 2009
Business type Manufacturer
Number of employees 11-50


Huaxinroad, Jinan, Shandong, 250100, China
Phone: 86-531-88111984
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