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There is variety of hexagonal, small molecule or structured water generating systems. Many of them work with minerals, chemicals, current or magnets. All systems and methods function but only if it is long-acting, no radiation pollution and water’s NMR half-width is less than 90Hz.

For a long time, many researchers have continuously studied how to replicate this special structure of water. Thanks to the former Soviet aeronautical scientists, they researched and manufactured high-tech catalysts, and then applied the principle of spontaneous physical resonance to create hydrogen kinetic energy equipment, successfully producing the same structure of hexagonal water as the water molecule in the human body but also can be stably kept at room temperature for more than 12 months.
However, the elementary materials required by the catalyst were rare at that time, making it expensive and difficult to mass-produce. With the rapid development of science and technology in recent years, the core catalyst has finally been able to mass production in limited quantities after continuous research, improvement, and test by HKE R&D team in Taiwan.

The nature of spontaneous physical resonance by Hydrogen Kinetic Energy induces the HKE R&D team to the ongoing development of such biotechnological device and applies to all water-related industries.

Fast facts

Primary products HKE Long-Acting Hexagonal Water Generator, HKE Mini Wine Decanter/ Ester Equipment
Year established 2020
Business type Manufacturer
Number of employees 5-10
Markets served Worldwide

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10Fl., No.61, Yan-Ping S. Rd. Taipei 100, Taiwan
Phone: 886 2 23711171
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