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Luoyang MC bearing technology CO.,LTD.

Luoyang MC bearing technology CO.,LTD.
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Company overview

"Quality is king" is our slogan, "Price & Service is Queen" is our purpose! As a manufacturer for slewing bearing designing, machining, assembling, fabricating and repairing, we provide project for all your requirements. Here is None gear, Internal and External gears, ring gears, rings, slewing ring bearings and slew drive for different fields. Such as Rolling mill machine, Mining machine, off-shore machine, forest machine, turntable, construction machine.Every products must be inspection before delivery. If meet any problem, return to us, good reputation is company life, so we have many old customer in this line.

Fast Facts

Primary products Slewing bearing
Year established 2001
Business type Manufacturer
Number of employees 56
Markets served Worldwide


Bearing zone,yiyang industry cluster district,luoyang city.
Phone: +8613837949030
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