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Shanghai Sepna Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sepna Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Company overview

Shanghai sepna Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional industry adhesive supplier ,manufacturing polyurethane/silicon/epoxy sealant and adhesive,has established since 2003.
we mainly do the Polyurethane sealant, MS sealant for windshield, auto glass, bus glass, truck glass , car / bus body etc.

We have a lot of different model with different level, different quality ,different usage
PU8611 is with more than 6Mpa tensile strength, mainly for Windshield, Bus glass and modified car , it could replace sika 256. dow- U428, Dow-u438, U428,
PU8630 is with more than 4 Mpa tensile strength,mainly for auto glass, bus glass repairing market. Most of customers use it to replace dow-U418.
PU8635 is with more than 5 Mpa tensile strength.It is odorlessness, very environmental using popularly in the aftermarket and modified car.
Besides, Our PU8630A has Two-Hour Safe Drive Away time,and many of our customer used our PU8630A to replace the Dow Betaseal Express.
PU8730 is mainly for windshield repairing market, it with cheapest price and good quality to acquire some customers

Fast Facts

Year established 2003
Business type Manufacturer
Number of employees 101-500


No.1129 Denghui Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Phone: 0086--18255100179
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