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Shenzhen Kaite Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kaite Industry Co., Ltd.
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Company overview

Shenzhen kaite industry Co., Ltd. Specialized in following items with high quality at reasonable prices from China.

Vibratory finishing equipments and consumable for deburring, readiusing, chamfering, grinding, descaling, burnishing, polishing of all types of components,

Vibratory finishing machine, Circular vibrator, rotary vibrator, tub vibrator, through vibrator,

Centrifugal barrel finishing machine,

Centrifugal disc finishing machine, High energy disc finishing machine,

Rotary finishing machine,

Vibratory dryer, centrifugal hot air dryer, belt dryer, rotary drum dryer,

Vibratory separator, tub finishing machine, stone processing machine.

Abrasive chip, Tumbling media,

Ceramic media,

Plastic media,

Porcelain media,

Corn COB

Walnut shell

Polishing compound

Sand blasting, shot peening equipment and sandblasting media for shot peening, abrasive blasting, abrasive cleaning,

Suction blast cabinet

Pressure blast cabinet

Wetblast cabinet, Wet blast cabinet, wet blast equipment,

Abrasve blast equipment,

Portable sand blast machine,

Muli-station blast cabinet

Automatic Rotary Indexing Satellite Turntable Blast Machines

Automatic Belt Conveyer Blast Machines

Automatic roller Conveyer Blast Machines

Glass Blast Machines

Stone Blast Machines

Satellite table blast machine

Tumbling belt blast machine

Tumbling basket blast machine

Vacuum blast machine

Closed circuit blast machine

Pipe cleaning equipments, Pipe interior blast tools

Pipe coating equipments, Pipe interior coating tools

Boron carbide Nozzles, tungsten carbide nozzle

Garnet recycling system, abrasive recycling system, Garnet recycling machine, abrasive recycling machine,

Steel plate preservation line,

Shot blast machine

Spin hook shot blast machine,

Rotary table blast machine

Rolling drum shot blast machine,

Airless blast machine

Wheelblast macnine.

Stone shot blast machine, Stone anti-skid machine.

Garnet, glass bead, ceramic bead, plastic blast media, MF, Melamine Formaldehyde, UF, Urea Formaldehyde, brown fused alumina, BFA, Brown aluminium, WA, white fused aluminium, white aluminum oxide, Black aluminium oxide, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide,

Metal abrasive, steel shot, steel grit, casted stainless steel shot,

Stainless steel cut wire shot, zinc cut wire shot, steel cut wire shot, metal cut wire shot,

Metal blast media,

Sand blast nozzle, nozzle, pipe cleaning tool, pipe interior blaster, pipe interior cater, pipe cleaning equipment, etc.

Spin casting machines, centrifugal casting machines, vulcanizer, electric melter, silicone rubber,

Hot chamber injection machine, die casting machine, metal casting machine, rubber mold casting machine,

Traffic marking equipmets, paints, glass beads for road marking.
Year established 2006
Number of employees 11-50


Address: G, 25 F, Shangbu Building, Shenzhen, 518031, China
Phone number: 86 -755-83660116
Fax number: 86 -755-83660909
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