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China | Call us: 8657387263663
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Who we are

Unionfull Group Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of various of insulation materials,main products include:PTFE coated fabrics,PTFE adhesive tapes and PTFE conveyor belt,silicone coated fiberglass fabrics,high silica cloth,fiberglass needle mat,PTFE oven liner,thermal insulation covers etc.
We are committed to market development and fulfilling the daily requirements of our customers.Now products are exported worldwide,with major customers in Europe,Far East,Australia,North&South America and Africa.

Fast facts

Primary products fiberglass fabric,silicone coated fiberglass fabric
Business type Manufacturer
Markets served Worldwide
Company certifications ISO9001:2008,SGS,TUV

Contact us

No.6 Hongqi Road,Haining,Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China
Phone: 8657387263663
Fax: 8657387263667
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