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Park Cam
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Glass Bottle Packaging
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TS 18001, ISO 9001.2008, ISO 22000, ISO14001, BRC-IOP Grade A Certificate
Bozüyük Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3. Cadde No: 12 PK 11300 Bozüyük / Bilecik
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Packaging & Printing
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We produce superior quality and aesthetic glass packages that can be used safely with the advanced technology because we know that glass is the most reliable packaging material for human health with its pure structure and characteristics coming from nature. We pay attention to the contribution of glass in modern life to the provision of a sustainable world as much as possible, and we make great efforts to do so.

As Park Cam, we aim to bring new quality standards in the sector, and the successful results which we achieved on the road increase our belief and determination in reaching our goal. Maintaining our quality superiority is one of our most important competitive strategies.

Customer needs, increased expectations, and problems that are waiting to be solved in the glass packaging industry have been carefully analyzed during the establishment phase of our company and they have been the most important guides in shaping production processes, selecting critical suppliers and creating human resources. The feedbacks we receive from our customers will continue to be our best guide to continually improve our systems.

We actively use the most advanced technologies in the glass packaging industry for our production and control systems for high efficiency and quality. We effectively implement our advanced technology plants such as the use of automatic lubrication robots, hot end to cold end automatic control systems, on-line automatic sampling systems. We are proud to be a leading company in the world at the point of establishing and implementing the latest technologies in the industry and to present these technologies on international platforms as a Turkish Company. We also provide important opportunities for the development of these technologies by establishing mutual benefit based relationships with our suppliers.

As a packaging material supplier that comes into contact with food, we pay great importance to food safety and hygiene. We have not abstained from taking high-cost precautions to remove possible sources of pollution while plant architectural plans, machine parks and workflows are being created to provide simple, spacious and bright working environments, to make maintenance and cleaning activities easy and efficient, and to isolate sensitive areas. The removal of a very large source of pollution from the operating environment by removing a contamination source from the operating environment, feeding the lower end of the machine cable ducts and separating the cold end working in hygiene sensitive environments from the hot end with a wall by constructing a separate layer for return conveyors of intra- of our measures are our active precations which are rarely seen in classical glass package facilities or companies.

We consider the use of objective data as an important tool for continuous improvement and decision-making. Therefore, we have a software and hardware infrastructure, which will provide uninterrupted data received from automation systems based on process and control durations to be evaluated by technical personnel and management.