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  • DIN ball type check valve

    This wear-free ball type check valve uses a rubber-covered ball as the valve disc. Under the flow of the mediums, the ball can roll up, down, left and right...

  • DIN swing check valve

    Swing check valve ,also known as one-way valve or non-return valve, is used to prevent the back-flow of the mediums in the pipelines. The valve that opens...

  • DIN wafer butterfly check valve

    Wafer butterfly check valve consists of valve body with lifting hole, two half-round disc, torsional spring, and rubber valve seat. The disc and seat are...

  • Foot Valve/Bottom Valve

    Foot valve is one kind of energy-saving valves, usually is installed at the bottom of underwater pipe of the water pump, to prevent the water from flowing...

  • Rubber disc check valve

    Rubber disc check valve includes valve body, valve deck, valve disc,etc. With the slant design for sealing, the closing time is short, the force occurred by...