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Jinhua Dleat Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.

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Company name
Jinhua Dleat Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.
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Main products
Aluminum Ladder, Telescopic Ladder, Step Ladder
Year established
Number of employees
No 2, Yigongshan Village, Chengxi street, Yiwu,Jinhua City, Zhejiang, China
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Tools & Hardware
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Jinhua Dleat Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Ladder.

Our ladder products as follow:

1)aluminum telescopic ladder 2m/2.6m/2.9m/3.2m/3.5m/3.8m
2)aluminum telescopic ladder 3.8m with 1.7cm/2cm/2.5cm finger gap
3)aluminum telescopic ladder 3.8m with stablize bar/with carry bag
4) telescopic ladder with joints series(3 position telescopic ladder or magic telescopic ladder) 3.2m/3.8m/4.4m/5.1m/5.6m
5)Strong Version Telescopic ladder
6)Double telescopic ladder
7)aluminum loft ladders(2 section loft ladder and 3 section loft ladder with EN 14579 certificate);
9)scaffolding ladder
10)Extension ladder 3/2/1 section
11) step ladder2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 step
12)ladder parts including ladder clamps, ladder v shape stand off, ladder roof hook and so on.
13)Aluminum multi-purpose ladder 4X2 4X3 4X4 4X5 with steel board and uilit shelt.

Why buy ladder from Jinhua Dleat Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd
3.Delivery time fast ,Best and workalbe price.
WE CAN PRODUCE VERY FAST ,USUALLY 1x40hq(Telescopic ladder) container just 15 days.we can save your cush,cost and time,many our client sell goods by express,and we can supply good packing material.
As We are profession on telescopic ladder and produce big quantity each year,so we can reduce our cost of produce,and give our client Best and workalbe price.
If need more, please check our web, www. dleat.com

All products

Telescopic ladder

  • 3.8m Telescopic Ladder

    3.8m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1038 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.8m Total steps:13 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:86.5cm...

  • 1.9+1.9m telescopic ladder

    3.8m Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder Model:DLE3038 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.8m (1.9m+1.9m) Total steps:6+6 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2m Telescopic Ladder

    2.0m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1020 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.0m Total steps:7 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:68cm...

  • 2.6m Telescopic Ladder

    2.6m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1026 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.6m Total steps:9 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:75cm...

  • 2.9m Telescopic ladder

    2.9m Telescopic ladder Model: DLE1029 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.9m Total steps:10 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:77cm...

  • 3.2m Telescopic Ladder

    3.2m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1032 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.2m Total steps:11 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:80cm...

  • 4.1m Telescopic Ladder

    4.1m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1041 Material:Aluminum Extension length:4.1m Total steps:14 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:90cm...

  • 4.4m Telescopic ladder

    4.4m Telescopic ladder Model: DLE1044 Material:Aluminum Extension length:4.4m Total steps:15 steps Step height:30cm Closed length:93cm...

  • 5.2m Telescopic Ladder

    5.2m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1052 Material:Aluminum Extension length:5.2m Total steps:15 steps Step height:35cm Closed length:98cm...

  • 6.2m Telescopic Ladder

    6.2m Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1062 Material:Aluminum Extension length:6.2m Total steps:16 steps Step height:40cm Closed length:104cm...

  • 1.6m+1.6m Telescopic Ladder

    3.2m Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder Model:DLE3032 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.2m (1.6m+1.6m) Total steps:5+5 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.2m+2.2m Telescopic Ladder

    4.4m Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder Model:DLE3044 Material:Aluminum Extension length:4.4m (2.2m+2.2m) Total steps:7+7 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.5m+2.5m Telescopic Ladder

    5.0m Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder Model:DLE3050 Material:Aluminum Extension length:5.0m (2.5m+2.5m) Total steps:8+8 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.8m+2.8m Telescopic Ladder

    5.6m Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder Model:DLE3056 Material:Aluminum Extension length:5.6m (2.8m+2.8m) Total steps:9+9 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 1.4m+1.4m Double Telescopic Ladder

    1.4m+1.4m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2014 Material:Aluminum Extension length:1.4m+1.4m Total steps:5+5 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.0m+2.0m Double Telescopic Ladder

    2.0m+2.0m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2020 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.0m+2.0m Total steps:7+7 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.6m+2.6m Double Telescopic Ladder

    2.6m+2.6m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2026 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.6m+2.6m Total steps:9+9 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.9m+2.9m Double Telescopic Ladder

    2.9m+2.9m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2029 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.9m+2.9m Total steps:10+10 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.2m+3.2m Double Telescopic Ladder

    3.2m+3.2m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2032 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.2m+3.2m Total steps:11+11 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.8m+3.8m Double Telescopic Ladder

    3.8m+3.8m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE2038 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.8m+3.8m Total steps:13+13 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 2.6m+2.0m Double Telescopic Ladder

    2.6m+2.0m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE202620 Material:Aluminum Extension length:2.6m+2.0m Total steps:9+7 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.2m+2.6m Double Telescopic Ladder

    3.2m+2.6m Telescopic Combination Ladder Model:DLE203226 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.2m+2.6m Total steps:11+9 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.8m+3.2m Double Telescopic ladder

    3.8m+3.2m Telescopic Combination ladder Model:DLE203832 Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.8m+3.2m Total steps:13+11 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.2m All Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

    3.2m All Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1032ALL Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.2m Total steps:11 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

  • 3.8m All Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

    3.8m All Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Model: DLE1038ALL Material:Aluminum Extension length:3.8m Total steps:13 steps Step height:30cm Closed...

Multipurpose ladder