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Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

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Europe, America, Japan and South Korea
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Diamond Powder, Synthetic Diamond Powder, Industrial Diamond Powder
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(QMS) GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015, (EMS) GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015, (OHSMS) GB/T280
East of Chunlan Road, Wutong Street, High-Tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou 450000, China
+86 15037116030
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Tools & Hardware
On Bikudo since

"A leading manufacturer of synthetic diamond industry since 1990, dedicating in diamond materials for cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing applications.

Advanced production & testing equipment, strong technical capability ensures all the products are produced strictly with the accordance of national standards, customized diamond products are available upon customers’ different requirements.

Main Products: Mesh & Micron size Diamond Powders, crushed/milled/reshaped diamond powders,diamond coatings powder,diamond lapping paste,diamond sanding belt.diamond slurry,diamond flap disc,diamond hand pads,etc."


Metal Bond Micron Diamond Powder

Specialized Micron Diamond

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond Powder

  • BRM-Z Reshaped Mesh Diamond Powder

    Characteristics: Golden color monocrystalline particle, blocky shape, very higher purity, higher toughness, longer tool life and good finishing on surface....

  • BRM-P Crushed Mesh Diamond Powder

    Characteristics: Yellow color monocrystalline particle, higher toughness than BRM-E, more durable, irregular crystal, higher grinding efficiency....

  • BRD-M100 Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

    Characteristics: Relatively complete shape of medium transparency. Good self- sharpening, medium impact toughness, ideal balance between tool life and...

  • BRD-M500 Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

    Characteristics: Well-defined cubo-octahedral, minimized impurity, superior thermal impact. Applications: Suitable for processing non-metallic materials...

  • BRD-M200 Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

    Characteristics: Uniformed shape with high impact toughness and thermal resistance. Applications: Decorative grooving of crystal & glass PD grinding of...

  • BRD-M700 Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

    Characteristics: Perfect cubo-octahedral lowest impurity and super transparency, outstanding strength and thermal stability. Applications: Suitable for...

Polycrystalline diamond

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Powder

    Description: Polycrystalline diamond micro-powder is synthesized by a special directional detonation method. Compared with a single crystal diamond, there...

Saw Grit Diamond

CBN Abrasive

  • CBN-B1

    Characteristic: CBN—B1 series are black mono-crystal, irregular shape, medium strength, high thermal stability, protruding acute angle, high performance...

  • CBN-B3

    Characteristic: CBN-B3 series are bright black monocrystalline, semi-blocky, high strength and high thermal stability. Wide range of application...

  • CBN-B5

    Characteristic: CBN-B5 series are Dark brown in colour, monocrystalline with irregular shape and angular particle shape, high strength and high thermal...

  • CBN-B7

    Characteristic: CBN-B7 series are Dark brown, Blocky shape, very high toughness, highly crystallized, and very high thermal stability Applications:...

  • CBN-G

    Characteristic: CBN-G series are Golden color monocrystalline, with regular shape and good transparency. This series has the highest strength and thermal...

  • CBN-A1

    Characteristic: CBN-A series are clear amber in colour, monocrystalline irregular shape with angularity, good transparency and and self-sharpness, medium...

  • CBN-AM Micron Powder

    Characteristics: CBN-AM series are amber color Cubic Boron Nitride micron powder, with high purity, high wear resistance, high thermal stability, good...

  • CBN-BM Micron Powder

    Characteritics: CBNM-BM series are black cubic boron nitride micron powder, with high purity, good thermal stability, good self-sharp ability, and high...

Coated Diamond Powder

  • Ni Coating Chemical & Electroplated Diamond Powder

    Coated metal can improve heat dissipation and reduce heat damage thus protect the diamond (decrease diamond carbonization when sintering at ultrahigh...

  • Ti Coating Diamond Powder

    Coated metal can improve heat dissipation and reduce heat damage thus protect the diamond (decrease diamond carbonization when sintering at ultrahigh...

  • Cu Coating Diamond Powder

    Coated Diamond Product characteristics: * Bonding strength between diamond/CBN and binding agent increased, also grits' holding strength. * The coated...

Diamond Lapping Slurry/Paste/Paper

  • Diamond & CBN Flap Discs

    Size: Φ100*16mm, Φ115*22mm, Φ125*22mm Grit: 40#~800# ● Be taking aluminium or fiberglass as backing, diamond abrasive cloth or CBN abrasives cloth...

  • Diamond/CBN Sanding Belts

    Applications: Suitable for grinding and polishing glass, stone, ceramic, hard alloy material and other hard hard materials. With longer lifetime and...