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Mavras is the brand name of a family that migrated from Crete to Küçükkuyu in the shade of olive. It’s the story of a generation.

Mavras, Mavrazade is our family name on the island of Crete. As; when we came to the Republic of Turkey with exchange, our surname was given in 1934 by the surname law, and Mavras is a combination of our family name with Mavrazade.

The quality of our products comes from our long-lasting and stubborn olive trees. Our olives, which grow at the foot of the goose Mountains, the oxygen source of the world, on steep slopes to the sun, closed to the north winds, are delicious with all its naturalness in the branch. Our olive oils obtained from the olives of Küçükkuyu region bring soft and pure flavor to your palates.

Mavras olive oil factory was established as a continuation of hundreds of years of family tradition among the olive grove valleys at the foot of the goose mountains with its new generation of modern technology. October and November olives harvested early from organic certified mavras olive groves are converted to olive oil daily. Thanks to the latest technology we use in our factory and the hygiene we maintain, our olives are separated from their leaves and passed through the washing and shower process to the crusher, and from the crusher to the malaxors under 26 degrees with oxygen-free, vacuum, atmospheric pressure piston pump. Mavras olive oils with high polyphenols, minerals and nutritional values are obtained from the olive pulp, which is malacted for a maximum of 10 minutes, after the separation process by separating the oil in the decanter with completely closed systems.

As Mavras, our biggest feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we perform all stages of production under our own supervision and in our facility, from olive groves to harvest, from olive oil production to storage, filling and sale.

The quality of mavras olive oils comes from our hundreds of years old olive trees at the foot of the goose Mountains. In this world-famous mythological region, our olives grown on slopes closed to the north winds reach their peak in flavor. Olive oil obtained from these olives, on the other hand, adds health to its consumers with its soft taste and all its purity, festive palates.

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Halil Efendi Cad. No 77, Bahcedere Koyu, Zipcode: 17980, Kucukkuyu, Ayvacik, Canakkale, TURKEY
+90 (286) 755 00 50
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