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The "Drone Tethered Power System" - Rosefinch Technology is the leading manufacturer of drone tethering power station.
Rosefinch mainly engages in the R&D, production, sales of AC-DC, DC-DC high-frequency switching power modular and the drone tether power system.
The system is compatible for all multi rotor drones with MTOW 5-110kg.

These products has the characteristics of cable auto reel in&out along with drone up/down, air module constant voltage output, smaller size, lighter weight, simple operation, reliability and stability, and powerful functions. It breaks the homogenization of market products and providing the industry with more user-friendly, practical, and cost-effective tethered UAV products.

These products are used and deployed by armed forces, law enforcement, civil security, and private security in over 20 countries for event protection, perimeter surveillance, border protection, radio communications, long-duration health monitoring, emergency communication, traffic management, environment inspections, scientific research and many more.

We have always adhered to independent research and development of core technologies. The air module adopts a output voltage stabilizing circuit scheme, with a wide range of input and constant voltage output, which is different from the commonly used Vicor power supply unstable voltage scheme on the market. It can ensure that the backup battery in parallel with it has no charging or discharging phenomenon, no battery capacity loss, and is only used as backup battery for landing, achieving true long-term tethering flight without battery capacity loss; The automatic cable reel in & out control adopts a difference between the reel out tension and reel in tension, and an adaptive torque transformation scheme, chieving true automatic tether cable reel in & out function without human intervention.


In 2005, we cooperated in participating in the demonstration of a large load tethered UAV project in the Army and began the research and development of high-power tether power stations. It successively developed military grade tether power systems such as air module output power 25kW/15kW.

In 2020, participated in multiple military and civilian tethered UAV projects. In the same year, multiple standard series products covering flight altitudes of 55-330 meters and takeoff weights of 5-60 kg were successively launched, and mass production and sales were achieved.

In 2022, began the R&D of industry tethered power systems suitable for DJI drones and YUNEEC drones. At the end of the year, launched the tether power systems for matrice 300 and Yuneec H850. In the first half of 2023, it successively launched tether power stations for M30, M3, Yunnec H520, and other models.

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