CRB45025 Crossed Roller Bearings,thk cross roller bearing for hobbing machine

CRB45025 Crossed Roller Bearings,thk cross roller bearing for hobbing machine

Min. order 1 Set
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CRB45025 Crossed Roller Bearings for hobbing machine

The basic type of Cross Roller Ring, in which the outer ring is separable while the inner ring is integrated with main
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Product details

Product specifications

Place of origin China
Brand name FRB
Model number CRB45025
Dimensions per unit 450*500*25 mm
Weight per unit 6.6 KG
Material GCr15SiMn
Product certifications ISO9001
Usage vertical lathe,grinding machine,manipulators
Warranty 1year
Packaging industrial packaging
Lead time 30days
FOB Port shanghai

Product description

CRB45025 Crossed Roller Bearings for hobbing machine

The basic type of Cross Roller Ring, in which the outer ring is separable while the inner ring is integrated with main body.

Product Category:Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings

Bearing Design:
Type:Cross Roller
Element Material:Stainless Steel
Product Model:CRB45025
Brand Name:FRB;
Material: GCr15SiMn,GCr15;
Bore Size: 450 mm;
Outside Diameter: 500 mm;
H :25 mm;
Basic load rating(radial) C:61.7 KN
Basic load rating(radial) Co:182 KN
Weight:6.6 KG
Seals Type: Rubber Seal;
Gear Options: No gear;
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland);
Precision: P4,P5,p6;
Packing details: water-proof packing,single playwood case;

Product Introduction:

FRB BEARING Cross Roller Ring is a bearing with rollers arrange in vertical directions crossly among inside and outside ring of bearing.Roller contacts with roller pass by line,with good rigidity.Elastic deformation of bearing load is very little.And bearing can bear radial load,axial load,and torque load at the same time,especially applies to occasion requires high rigidity and high rotating precision.Using this bearing can simplify design and shorten shaft.The bearing is applied well in fields of robot and medical equipment.

vertical lathe,grinding machine,manipulators,hobbing machine, wheeling camera,slewing assembly fixture,industrial robotics,working table, etc.

Ⅰ).Excellent rotation accuracy
The internal structure of cross roller bearing is arranged in 90° vertical cross with each other.

An interval retainer or an isolation block is installed between the rollers to prevent the inclination of the rollers from rubbing each other.In addition, there will be no roller contact or locking phenomenon;At the same time, because the inner and outer rings are segmented, the gap can be adjusted, and even if preloading is applied, high precision rotation motion can be obtained.

Ⅱ).Simplified operation and installation
The outer or inner ring, which is divided into two parts, is fixed together after the roller and retainer are loaded, so it is very easy to install.

Ⅲ).Bear larger axial and radial loads
Because the rollers are vertically aligned with each other through an interval retainer on a 90° v-groove rolling surface.

Ⅳ).Significant savings in installation space
Cross roller bearing inner and outer ring size is minimal miniaturization, especially ultra-thin structure is close to the limit of small size, and high rigidity, so the most suitable for the joints of the industrial robot parts or rotating parts, machinery processing center of the rotary worktable, mechanical rotary department, precision rotary worktable, medical instruments, measuring instruments, such as IC manufacturing equipment widely used.

Ⅴ).High speed capability
Reducing shaft length and machining cost, thermal expansion results in limited geometric size changes

Ⅵ).Nylon separator,low inertia, low starting torque, easy to control Angle indexing

Ⅶ).Optimize the preload, high rigidity, high precision of guiding roller running

Ⅷ).Carburized carbon steel provides excellent impact and surface abrasion resistance

Ⅸ).Simple but well lubricated

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The above models, are only show some products, only for your reference. If you are interested in other models, please send inquiry to us. Sincerely at your service.

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CRB45025 Crossed Roller Bearings,thk cross roller bearing for hobbing machine

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Aug 2011
Since 2003 FRB BEARINGS has been a factory direct manufacturer and supplier providing high-tech industries with custom slewing bearings and cross roller bearings solutions for their harsh and critical applications.

From our factory located in LUOYANG, we are able to serve our international customer base. We offer short lead times and custom configurations in small lot sizes. We also have the capacity to serve the needs of OEM users by supplying conventional bearings.

FRB BEARINGS products are currently being used in applications such as heavy-duty machines which require large working radius.such as bucket-wheel excavators,wheeled cranes,ship cranes,ladle turret,heavy-duty mobile cranes , index and rotary tables,packing equipment,machine tools,medical devices,optical scanning equipment,radar,statellite and communications equipment,robotics,textile machinery and much more.

Whether your needs call for a few bearings,a few hundred or a few thousand,you can always rely on us for unsurpassed service. FRB Bearings takes price in having extremely competitive prices,rapid to quotes and on-time delivery.

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Ding Ding Road, Xi Gong Industry, Luoyang, Henan, 471000, China
Call: 86-379-61110628
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