Fulvic Acid 45%,75%, 95%

Fulvic Acid 45%,75%, 95%

Sold by Hangzhou Xiaoyong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Fulvic Acid 45%,75%,
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Fulvic Acid 45%,75%, 95%

Product Description
Fulvic Acid Powder extracted from young natural humus with an average smaller molecular weight, rich 
in minor elements and natural growth stimulator help plants to accelerate the absording process by 
plant and reinforce chelating capacity of trace elements.
Product Specification
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Product Benefits
1. Broad spectrum plant growth regulator
2. Proper control of crop leaf stomatal openness
3. Reduce transpiration,have an important role for drought
4. Improve stress tolerance of crops
5. Improve the quality of crops
6. Stimulate crop growth 
7. Enhance root activity
8. Prevent premature aging
9. Increase fertilizer use efficiency ≥20% 
Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand. 

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Fulvic Acid 45%,75%, 95%

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Hangzhou Xiaoyong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Brand name X-Y BIO) has been in agrochemical area for many years. We has own factories and OEM partners for pesticides and fertilizers. Our products covered with herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator, Potassium Humate & Amino Acid fertilizers. We also has advantages on small packing products which meet client’s demand of customized products.

With the professional foreign trade team and strong quality control system support, our market expanded to South-east Asia, Middle-east, Africa, Europe, America and South America area,etc..

Xiaoyong people would like to create the prosperity of the agrochemical products together with you hand in hand.

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