• Galvanized Wire

    Galvanized Wire

    Electro galvanized wire, also called cold galvanized wire, is made of high quality carbon steel wire. The processing of this wire is to use electrolytic... Read more
  • Gabion Welded Box

    Gabion Welded Box

    Gabion welded Box is consist of rectangular units, fabricated from a double-twisted hexagonal mesh, filled with stones. In order to reinforce the... Read more
  • Gabion Basket

    Gabion Basket

    Gabion basket is a kind of hexagonal wire mesh that is made of steel wires. The size of wire is according to the different sizes of hexagonal net. For... Read more
  • Field Fence

    Field Fence

    Material: Galvanized Iron Wire Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized(high zinc coating: 200g/m2; common zinc coating: 50-60g/m²) Features: Made by... Read more
  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fence is a kind of elastic woven net, the net hole is even, the net surface is smooth, the net is simple, beautiful and generous, the net silk... Read more
  • Debris Fence

    Debris Fence

    Chain & Shade Netting Chain & shade netting is a rigid shade cloth product created by combining heavy duty shade cloth with chain link wire mesh to... Read more
  • Airport Fence

    Airport Fence

    Airport Fence is also known as “Y-Shape security fence”. It is strengthened by the v-shaped support arm and welded mesh, security fittings and hot-dip... Read more
  • Temporary Fence

    Temporary Fence

    Temporary construction fence, also called portable construction fence is convenient both in installation and movement, which is a main feature of it.... Read more
  • Shade Netting

    Shade Netting

    Shade netting is manufactured from knitted polyethylene. It is more versatile than the woven shade cloth. It can be used as the greenhouse cover, windbreak... Read more
  • Plant Support Netting

    Plant Support Netting

    Plant support netting is manufactured from light but strong extruded polypropylene plastic material, which is UV stabilized and weather resistant. Plant... Read more
  • Oyster Mesh Bag

    Oyster Mesh Bag

    Oyster mesh can be made to oyster mesh bag, which is manufactured from high density polyethylene. The oyster mesh bag is mainly used to breed the oysters.... Read more
    US$1 ~ 2/Square Meter
  • Extruded Plastic Mesh

    Extruded Plastic Mesh

    Extruded plastic mesh is made from high quality high density polyethylene or polypropylene through extrusion process to from various plastic mesh and... Read more
    US$0.3 ~ 1/Square Meter
  • Chain Link Dog Cage

    Chain Link Dog Cage

    Dog Kennels offer a high quality, commercial grade welded wire mesh product, not chain link fence, with a ton of new unique features designed to make... Read more
    US$50 ~ 100/set
  • Sheep Panel

    Sheep Panel

    Australia standard oval tube horse yard panels/cattle corral panels Material: Q235 low carbon steel pipe Corrosion form: hot dipped galvanized or... Read more
    US$25 ~ 30/ Pieces
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