Industrial circulating water/oil field water injection sterilization algae

Industrial circulating water/oil field water injection sterilization algae

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Suitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA, Landscape water, etc.
Sterilization, Algae removal and Disinfection of urban public water.
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Product specifications

Place of origin China
Brand name Purestreak
Model number PSC80621
Dimensions per unit 25kg/barrel
Material Poly quaternary ammonium salt
Color Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Warranty Quality guaranteed, delivery on time
Packaging Factory direct sales, strict packaging, we do a good job of packaging.
Lead time Delivery within 2 days
FOB Port Tianjin

Product description



Suitable for Commercial water such as Swimming pool, SPA, Landscape water, etc.
Sterilization, Algae removal and Disinfection of urban public water.
Industrial circulating water, Oil field injection water, Cooling water system,
Water for Air purification system;
Water treatment companies, Aquaculture and other Environmental disinfection.
Civil disinfectant, etc.


Effectively control algae growth and Reduce bacterial growth
Rich-Foaming, Surface tension is strong,Sticky mud peeling effect,
Cleaning effect is excellent
Used in combination, Small dosage, Simple use and Formulation,
Good stability, and Long-lasting effect
Non-corrosive to metal materials, and has Certain corrosion inhibition effect
Civilian Disinfectant


1.Oilfield water injection

PSC80621 is the first research technology of Tianjin Chemical Industry Institute. It began to be applied in industrial production around 1998. It was applied in Yanshan Petrochemical and Shijiazhuang refineries in the early stage. It is a high-efficiency and broad-spectrum non-oxidizing bactericidal and algaecide. Bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, iron bacteria, fungi and algae have excellent killing and control effects.
PSC80621 can be used in combination with oxidizing fungicides such as chlorine, which will not cause corrosion to metals and has a certain corrosion inhibition effect. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial water and has obvious sludge removal effect, especially suitable for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in oilfield water injection. At the same time, as a surfactant, it has a certain ability to wash oil.
It can reduce the oil saturation of the core and increase the permeability of water and oil. Reduce the surface tension of the water, speed up the water injection rate, and at the same time can be adsorbed on the surface of the clay to form an increased water layer, prevent the clay from swelling, and help stabilize the water injection flow. The effect is far superior to benzalkonium bromide and sodium dichlorothiocyanate. It can be combined with glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde compounds for oilfield water injection.

2.Environmental disinfection of farms and breeding farms

Broad-spectrum activity and long-lasting sterilization can effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, etc., and can be used for farm environment disinfection. Non-irritating, non-toxic, non-chlorine odor, non- corrosive to most materials.

Basic reference dosage: 1000-1500ppm.

3.Car glass wiper cleaner

PSC80621 has a wide range of characteristics of killing and inhibiting microorganisms, and as a disinfectant, it also has a good decontamination effect on the windshield, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-chlorine odor, safe and environmentally friendly. Add 1-10% of the total detergent. Wet wipes, cleaning agents, disinfection and sterilization supplies additives. PSC80621 can kill common Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other microorganisms, has a cleaning effect and broad-spectrum bactericidal properties, and has no skin irritation at the concentration used.

Suggested dosage: 100-300PPM.

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Industrial circulating water/oil field water injection sterilization algae

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