Manitowoc Crane 250t swing bearing

Manitowoc Crane 250t swing bearing

Sold by Hunan Gorgeous Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Min. order 1
Payments TT,LC,Western Union
Samples 150000usd
Hunan GGS Slewing Bearing is specialized in producing slewing bearing for more than 20 years, our warranty for slewing bearing is 12 months. The advantage products are swing bearing for crane and
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Product details

Product specifications

Place of origin China
Brand name GGS
Model number Manitowoc Crane 250t
Dimensions per unit 5000*5000*300
Weight per unit 3t
Product certifications ISO,BV
Customization OEM
Warranty 12 months
Packaging in wooden box package or wooden pallet package
Lead time 7-45 days
FOB Port Shanghai,Yiwu,Qingdao,Xiamen
HTS code 84869010

Product description

Hunan GGS Slewing Bearing is specialized in producing slewing bearing for more than 20 years, our warranty for slewing bearing is 12 months. The advantage products are swing bearing for crane and excavator, such as: Komatsu PC301,PC302,PC30(92T), PC30/96T,PC4010,PC507,PC55,PW605, PC605(1), PC605(2), PC606(Z=76), PC606(Z=80), PC607(Z=76), PC607(Z=80), PC906, PC1005, PC1205, PC1206(4D95), PC1206(4D102), PC1307, PC1505,PC1507, PC1607,PC20HT, PC2001, PC2002, PC2003, PC2005, PC2006 (1), PC2006 (2), PC2006(New), PC2006(6D95), PC2007, PC2008, PC2107,PC2203, PC2205, PC2207, PC2208, PC227,PC228, PC2408, PC3002, PC3003, PC3005, PC3006, PC3506, PC3607, PC4001, PC4003, PC4005, PC4006, PC4505, PC4506, PC4507, PC650 Hitachi EX401,ZX60, ZAX70, EX601, EX602,3, EX605, EX75,EX90, EX1001,EX1005, EX1201,EX1202, EX1203, EX1205, ZX120, EX1201, EX1205, EX150, EX160WD1, EX2001, EX2002,3,5, ZX200, EX2105, ZX210, EX2205, ZX225U (1), ZX225U (2), ZX230, ZX240, ZX270, EX3001, EX3002, EX3003, EX3005, ZX330, ZX3505, EX4001, EX4003,ZX450H, Kato HD100,HD2507, HD4505, HD4507, HD450, HD512, HD513, HD516, HD550,HD770SE, HD7701, HD7702, HD7002, HD7005, HD7007, HD770SE, HD7701, HD7702,HD8005, HD8007, HD8201, HD8203, HD9007, HD1250/1430, HD1023, HD1220 Kobelco SK1205, SK1307, SK071, SK071N2, SK07N2 (1), SK07N2 (2), SK072, SK907B, SK09, SK03, SK04, SK605, SK606, SK100, SK1205, SK2001, SK2002,SK2003/5, SK2006, SK2106E, SK2008, SK2306,SK235, SK2608,SK3303, SK350, SK4506E, SK907B Sumitomo SH40T,SH601, SH1201, SH1202, SH1203, SH120, SH135,SH140, SH145, SH200A1, SH200A2, SH200A3, SH200C2, SH200C3, SH120Z3,SH2202, SH2203, SH225, SH2403, SH2405,SH260, SH265, SH280, SH3002, SH3003, SH330, SH340, SH350, SH40T, SH430, SH220LC3 Daewoo DH553, DH555, DH80GO, DH807, DH150,DH2003, DH2157,DH2202, DH2203, DH2205, DH2207LC, DH2257, DH258,DH2587,DH280, DH2905, DH3005, DH3007, DH10L, DH320, DH3303, DH3707, DH420 Caterpillar CAT70B,CAT110, CAT120,CAT215, CAT215B, CAT225, CAT280, CAT200B, CAT305.5, CAT3055, CAT307B, CAT307C, CAT308, CAT311, CAT312B,CAT312C,CAT320B, CAT320C, CAT320D, CAT320L, CAT325, CAT325B, CAT325C, CAT330C, CAT345C Hyundai R557, R605, R607(1), R607(2), R807,R1107, R1305, R1307, R1705, R2005, R2007, R2103, R2105,R2157, R2205, R2257, R260LC7, R290, R305LC7, R300, R3057, R320LC7,R3357,R360, R4507 Volvo EC210B, EC210, EC290, EC360, EC55 Samsung PS132, PS210, PS292, MX082 Liebherr 914, 924, 934 JCB220
TADANO AC120-1 TR100M-1 TADANO TR250M-6 GR120N-1

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Manitowoc Crane 250t swing bearing

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About the company

Primary products
Slewing Bearings, Turntable & Swing Bearings
Year established
Business type
Number of employees
Markets served
Annual revenue
5 Million USD
Bikudo member since
Aug 2019
Hunan Gorgeous Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter for slewing bearings and slewing drives, we have our own forging workshop, forge and supply forged rings by ourself, total 6 times heat treatments throughout production for slewing bearings. All the products passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Slewing bearing and slew drives can bear axial force, radial force and tilting moment.The diameter range of slewng bearing can be from 200 mm to 8000 mm For slewing drive, there are nine different sizes available from 3" to 25" with more than 60 models to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV, CPV and solar thermal power tracking fields.

Our products are mainly applied in port machinery, mining machinery, welding machinery, construction vehicles, modular vehicles, single or dual axis solar tracking systems, and small wind power systems etc.

The products are gained the support of domestic and oversea construction engineering machinery manufacturers from Europe, North America,South America,Southeast Asia,and Oceania more than 73 countries and regions.

Quality products,competitive price,perfect aftersales service will never been changed,which is our commitment!

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Hunan Gorgeous Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
Call: 008613973127410
Fax: +86-731-88412668