Mgo Board Production Line

Mgo Board Production Line

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Mgo Board Production Line

Batching platform

This kind of feeding platform is made of medium carbon steel plate and heavy caliber medium carbon steel tube. On the head position of the forming line, there is equipped multiple feed opening, which can meet the requirements of different
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Mgo Board Production Line

Batching platform

This kind of feeding platform is made of medium carbon steel plate and heavy caliber medium carbon steel tube. On the head position of the forming line, there is equipped multiple feed opening, which can meet the requirements of different specification of Mgo board. Above the platform, there is installed three sets of blenders, which are used to stir different kind of raw materials sufficiently. There is also equipped automatic releasing agent device,which is used to guarantee the sufficient painting on the moldboard surface. It is adopted slipping silo to feed material and achieving save labor and time.

There is equipped two sets of sucker on the head section of the production line,while there are moldboard elevators on both sides of the forming line. The double moldboard elevators and suckers guarantee the supplying of moldboard continuously and can meet volume-produce of Mgo board.

Forming line

This kind of line combined stainless steel tube and convey belt style. The stainless steel tube have been processed and polished subtly on the surface, all of the tubes are maintaining on a same level, which achieved greatly reduce wet waste board rate and guarantee the smooth surface,flattening,well-distribute and smallest error of the board. This line is adopted our unique designing of automatic wet board cutter controlling system, which achieving the purpose of cutting the wet board line rapidly and won’t hurt the moldboard according to the presetting length and microprocessor control and guarantee the precise length of the finished board.

Automatic board receiving system

The wet board will enter the automatic receiving system after has been cut with presetting length.This system adopted microcomputer and double elevators.The wet board with moldboard will enter the curing transporter layer by layer following the order of the microcomputer twenty boards with one curing transporter, and the double elevator achieve process production and volume-produce through alternate use.

Aolidifying rom with trackway style

This set of production line is equipped with four trackway,each way can be placed multiple curing transporters and processed solidifying here. The multiple trackway system can meet the purpose of volume-produce.

Automatic mould move system

The automatic mould move system that adopt the double cupulas and double lifters, stack the moulds and the glass magnesium boards each other,there is a conveying track between the mould stacker and the forming line, it can carry out the quick conveying, so that the continuous producing. The glass magnesium boards will be conveying to the edge cutting saw and start the edge cutting for cutting for getting the dimension of the boards what we request.

Automatic edge cutting and stacking system

The edge cutting saw adopts the microcomputer controlling and configure the dust collecting system, and start the edge cutting follow the preconcerted width. The dust will be collected by the dust collector so that carry out the whole workshop without dust and sure the workshop environment protection achieve the standard of national rules.

Because of the boards without the sanding, the surface of normal magnesium boards after edge cutting that is crude, so the boards will stacked on the first stacker, the stacker is configured the automatic aligning device so that the boards packing after stacking.

Boards sanding and dust collecting system

The boards will enter into the sanding machine directly and polish the board and achieve the standard of clients request after edge cutting if the client need to sand the surface of the glass magnesium board. The sanding machine configures the dust collector, the dust collector will collect the dust so that decrease the environment pollution and achieve the national standard. The board will smooth after sanding, and fill the kinds of need.

Appearance quality detection

Board appearance quality depends on equipment accuracy.through sampling inspection, the thickness tolerance is less than +_3% which is less than national standard +_6%, right-angle degree of deviation to tolerance is less than 0.2%, length and width tolerance is less than 3mm,(national standard 4mm), all appearance quality meet to national standard.

Automatic controlling system

Automatic system mostly adopts international famous brand electric parts, being with good stability, easily operation, easily maintenance, high electric stability and easily controlling, strong capacity of resisting disturbance.

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Mgo Board Production Line

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Hebei Greens Building Material Technology Development Co., Ltd(a branch company of Lvjoe Group) is a large building and construction material machinery manufacturer specializing in researching, designing, manufacturing, project equipment integration and international trade.

Lvjoe Group is original from Hebei LVJOE Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., founded in 1998. With continuing development of Company’s business, we established Lvjoe Group in 2016. Greens company as a branch company of LVJOE Group, the main lines of products including gypsum board lamination machine, mineral fiber board production line, fiber cement board production line, MgO board production line, EPS Lightweight Sandwich Wall Panel Machine,gypsum cornice production line, etc.

A strong R&D team and big annual scientific research funding have created the status of the “GREENS” in the overseas and domestic building materials equipment industry. Our company strives for survival with quality and credit, seeks development with realistic attitude and innovation, and strictly implements 5S site management and ISO9001 quality management system. We won the praise and recognition from the customers through all the employees’highly professional dedication and good service attitude under the intense competitive environment. Our company are willing to provide good quality products and services to customers from domestic and abroad by our good reputation and superb technology.

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