Mining Intrinsic Safety Infrared Thermometer

Mining Intrinsic Safety Infrared Thermometer

Sold by Xuzhou KY Automation Technology Co., Ltd
Min. order 1pcs
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Model: CWH950
Description: CWH950 Mining Intrinsic Safety Infrared Thermometer
MA: MFA150186
KA: KFA150018
ExibI: 320150859
Exia II: CMExC17.4384
Patent No. ZL 2015 2
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Product specifications

Place of origin China
Brand name KY
Model number CWH950
FOB Port Shanghai

Product description

Model: CWH950
Description: CWH950 Mining Intrinsic Safety Infrared Thermometer
MA: MFA150186
KA: KFA150018
ExibI: 320150859
Exia II: CMExC17.4384
Patent No. ZL 2015 2 0975274.2

1. Surface temperature measurement for coal mining equipment. Functions include laser collimation, backlight display, automatic shutdown.
2. Applicable for equipment surface temperature measurement which cannot be achieved by using traditional touch methods. (For example: moving object, charged surface, the object difficult to touch).
3. Provide max value, min value and average value measuring methods for different materials to achieve high precision measurement.
4. Upper and lower limit alarm function.
5. Measuring data storage function.

Technology parameters:
1. Temperature and error expected:

Temperature(T)(℃) Error expected(℃)
-32<T≤0 ± 2.0
0<T≤100 ± 1.5
100<T≤950 Truth-value ±2%

2. Repeated accuracy: ± 1% or ± 1℃
3. Distance coefficient: 16:1
4. Display resolution: 0.1℃
5. Emissivity: 0.1~1.00 (continuous and adjustable).
6. Response time: less than 500ms
7. Aiming way: laser
8. Working band: 8~14um
9. Function: critical value alarm, max/mix/average value measure modes.
10. Data storage: 20 sets.
11. Environment level: Ip65
12. Environment temperature: 0~60℃
13. Relative humidity: 10~95%, no condensation.
14. Weight: 132g
15. Power: 9V battery

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Mining Intrinsic Safety Infrared Thermometer

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Mining Instrument, Test & Measuring Instrument
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50-100 people
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ISO9001, Safety certificate of approval for mining products, EXIBI certificate, calibration cert
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USD $3000000
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Oct 2019
Xuzhou KY Automation technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “KY”) is a professional manufacturer of coal mining safety supervision devices, energy saving testing devices, security support equipment and firefighting products. We are an university-enterprise cooperation enterprise and own scientific research support from “China University of Mining and Technology” which is a very famous university in China. Now KY is defined as an integrated high-technology enterprise for research, manufacture, sales and after-sales service.
We attained ISO9001 quality management system certificate in 2011 and own independent research ability and independent intellectual property. We were awarded integrity enterprise title from government and are also the member of “China Association of Work Safety”.
Main products include but not limited to gas drainage multi-parameters meter, mining gas detector, mining ventilation resistance meter, infrared radiation thermometers, temperature and humidity meter, laser range finder, mining intrinsic safe resistance test instrument, underground pipeline ultrasonic leak tester, hand-held ultrasonic flow meter.
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