1064nm / 1030nm / 1550nm PM Optical Fiber Band pass filter

1064nm / 1030nm / 1550nm PM Optical Fiber Band pass filter

Ruik-Tech Communication Co., Ltd
FOB price50 - 299 Pieces: $50
Min. order1 Pieces
Payment termsT/T
Sample priceA few free, please contact the specific situation
Brand nameRUIK
Model numberRUIK-PMHP-038
MaterialOptical fiber
Usagelight transmission
Warranty1 year
Lead time2 weeks


Ruik's bandpass filter device is designed to transmitt the light of narrow bandwidth, blocking the others. BPF is applied in fiber laser.

Our main products include High Power Components up to 100W (20kW), Polarization Maintaining (PM) and Single-mode Fiber Components with ranging from 780nm to 2000nm. We also provide Customized components to our customers.

Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength nm 976, 1030, 1064, 1550
Min. Pass Band Width (@-0.5dB) nm As Customerized
Max. Stop Bandwidth (@-25dB) nm As Customerized
Max. Insertion Loss of Pass band dB 0.8
Max. Polarization Dependent Loss at 23℃, only for PI dB 0.15
Min. Extinction Ratio at 23℃, only for PM dB 20
Min. Return loss dB 50
Max. Power Handling (CW) W 20 or Specified
Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse kW 10 or Specified
Max. Tensile Load N 5
Operating Temperature ℃ 0 ~ +65
Storage Temperature ℃ -40 ~ +85

High power Optical Fiber Components:
-Optical Fiber Isolator, up 100W;
-Free Space Isolator, up to 100W;
-Optical Circulator, up to 30W;
-Pump Laser Protector;
-Band Pass Filter;
-Nx1 Pump Combiner;
-Cladding Power Stripper;
-Mode Field Adapter;
-(N+1)x1 Pump & Signal Combiner, 200W/port;

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Components:
-In Line Polarizer/Depolarizer;
-In Line Faraday Isolator;
-Optical Circulator;
-Fused WDM / Coupler;
-Filter WDM / Coupler;
-Fiber DWDM
-Fiber Mirror;
-Faraday Rotator;
-Fiber Patch cord / Jumper;
-PLC Splitter Module;
-Tap / WDM / Isolator Hybrid;
Manual Variable Optical Attenuator;
-1x2 Polarization Beam Splitter / Combiner (PBS/C)
-1x2 Isolator & Polarization Beam Splitter / Combiner (IPBS/C)
1064nm / 1030nm / 1550nm PM Optical Fiber Band pass filter

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Ruik-Tech Communication Co., Ltd
Floor 4, Building A, ZhaoHe Industrial Park,
Dongcheng District

Phone: 0769-28337151
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High Power Fiber Optic Components & Polarization Maintaining Fiber Components
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