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40hp 30hp submersible water pump

40hp 30hp submersible water pump

by Aote Tianjin Pump Co.,Ltd.
China | Manufacturer
CategoryTools & Hardware
Product groupPumps
Bikudo Id854947


Main Features
1.Intelligent water pumping in terms of multi-level control system.
2.Easy operation
3.Overload protection
4.Energy saving:automatically start pump water when the water tower is in the stateof water shortage,while automaticaly stop pumping when it is full.
5.Medium water level protection of well:automatically stop pumping when lacking water or the water level is less than the medium water level,ensuring its safe operation.
6.Axial thrust load on the motor shaft is obviously reduced with its unique"floating"structure impeller so that it can come to high head with multistage impeller.
7.With its small outer diameter of pump body,large flow capacity,high head,it can applied to small outer diameter deep well and decrease the cost of well drilling.Moreover,it is more suitable for industry and construction project.
8.Buit-in reliable check value,avoiding water hammer impact.
9.Strong wear resistance with its stainless steel pump bowl and alloy rubber bearings.
10.Multiple protection quietness technology.It can operate in quiet situation.
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