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Socket Weld Flange

Socket Weld Flange

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Socket welding flange, a popular type of pipe flange, was initially developed for use on small-sized high- pressure piping. The fabrication of this type of flange is similar to that of a slip on flange. However, the internal pocket of a socket weld flange allows for a smooth bore and better fluid flow. When provided with an internal weld, the static strength of this flange is equal to slip-on flange, but the fatigue strength is 50% greater than double welding slip-on flanges. Smooth bore conditions in such a flange can easily be attained without having to bevel the flange face and, after welding, to re-face the socket weld flange as would be required with slip-on flanges. For this reason, the internally welded flange is popular in chemical process piping.

The counter bore is sightly larger than the Outer Diameter of the matching pipe, allowing the pipe to be inserted. A restriction is built into the bottom of the bore, which acts as a shoulder for the pipe to rest on, and has the same I.D. of matching pipe. The flow is not restricted in any direction.

Key Features:
The recess on the inside diameter of the socket weld flange allows for a good fit of the pipe allowing for a smooth flow of liquid.
Socket welding flanges work well for smaller sizes and higher pressure temperature conditions.
They are similar to slip-on flanges, but must specify the schedule of the pipe where they will be used for with socket welds.
Standard facing:
Raised face, ring - type, flat face, male - female, tongue - groove.welded both inside and out to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage.They are ideal for low pressure applications.
Uses of socket weld flanges:
They are ideal for small diameter applications.
They are used for high pressure applications.
Socket weld flanges have an internal recess on the inside diameter which allow for a smoot flow of the process fluid.
They create a smooth bore with the proper welding and grinding.

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