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High Frequency Testing Machine

High Frequency Testing Machine

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Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
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High Frequency Testing Machine

Vibration testing machine/Features:
1.Well designed dynamic circle skeleton, with a higher stage axial resonance frequency.
2.Two magnetic circuit, magnetic flux leakage low, compact structure and rational.
3.Rocker Rod roller bearings straight and import-oriented composite body stiffness orientation, eccentric load capacity.
4.Trunnion isolation foundation dedicated to hormone use, the installation of mobile convenience.
5.Advanced technology move around the system to ensure that the dynamic circle of high reliability.
6.New duct design and enhance the cooling effect.
7.Static stiffness, dynamic stiffness of the bearing small balloon, raising the vibration table capacity, improve low-frequency performance.

High frequency/technical parameters:
Rated Sine Force (N):1000
Rated Random Force (N):1000
Frequency Range (Hz):3-3500
Rated Acceleration (m/s2):400
Rated Speed(m/s):1.2
Rated displacement(p-p)mm:25
Max. Loading (Kg):70
moving coil(Kg):2.5
Dimension of Moving coil(mm): 150

Warranty: one year free warranty for whole set machine,lifelong time maintainance.
After-sale service: feedback within 2 hours after get the call.
Service:OEM service,Design service,Buyer lable service.

Vibration Tester/Horizontal Expanders:
1.Within small loading bench to realize higher acceleration and working frequency, to improve the loading capacity and performance of whole machine bench.
2.Horizontal bench and vibration bench are integral type, with perfect structure, convenience to install and adjust.
3.Static pressure track, V-shape, with capacity of slope-resistant and bias-loading resistant.
4.Built-in oil pump, good structure and easy operating.

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