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Temperature And Humidity Instrument

Temperature And Humidity Instrument

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Temperature And Humidity Instrument

Mechanical sheet metal structure and material:
1.The appearance of high levels of texture, surface matte lines processed and embedded non-reactive handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2.inner box material:SUS304 # cold, heat resistant stainless steel plate, the mirror treatment
3.Carton Material:SUS304 # stainless steel plate.
4.Insulation Material: imported high-intensity fire PU foam insulation.
5.anti-sweat parts: K-tube heat energy systems and electric hot film as anti-sweat treatment.
6.test hole: 50mm hole on the left side of the body, plug one.
7.door: single door left open, the handle on the right side, silicone foam rubber 2.

Climatic Testing Machine/Size:
1 Studio Size:50*75*60 cm (W*H*D)
1.temperature range: -20 degree ~ 150 degree
2.humidity range: 20% ~ 98% RH (temperature at 25 degree ~ 80 degree pm) (can be set)
3.the temperature uniformity: (=/<) (+/-) 2 degree (no load)
4.humidity uniformity: +2% -3% R.H
5.the temperature fluctuation: (+/-) 0.5 degree (no load)
6.humidity fluctuation: (+/-) 2%
7.the temperature deviation: (=/<) (+/-) 2 degree
8.humidity deviation: (=/<) (+/-) 2%

Temperature Test Instrument/Structure description:
1.outside the gall quality (t = 1mm) A3 steel CNC machining, shell surface spray, more clean and beautiful.
2.the liner made of imported high grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels.
3.insulation material: high-density fiberglass insulation thickness of 100mm
4.the temperature and humidity of the circulatory system: the use of special low-noise long axis of the air-conditioning fan motor, high temperature resistance of stainless steel multi-blade impeller to achieve the strength of convective vertical diffusion cycle.

Temp And Humi Machine/Standard equipment
GB10592-93: High temperature test chambers
GB10586-93: damp heat test chambers GB10586-93
GB2423.1-2001: A low-temperature test methods test
GB2423.2-2001: Test temperature Test Method B
GB2423.3-93: Test Ca Damp heat test method
GB2423.4-93: Test Db Exchange Damp heat test method

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