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Programmable Thermal Shock Chamber

Programmable Thermal Shock Chamber

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Programmable Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal shock chambers can be used to test the composite material structure or degree in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and under extremely low temperature environment can endure continuous, chemical changes in the shortest possible time in order to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by or physical injury. applicable objects including metal, plastic, rubber, electronics .... and other materials can be used as a basis to improve their products or reference.

Thermal Shock Testing Chamber/Technical parameters:
Inner dimensions:40*35*30cm
High tank temperature range:RT-100 degree
Cryogenic tank humidity range: -40 degree ~ -10 degree
Chamber shock temperature: temperature: RT-100 degree;cold: -10 degree~ -40degree
Warm-up time: RT-100 degree about 15 minutes
Cooling time: RT ~ -40 degree about 60 minutes
Impact time: 0.1 to 999.9 hours, the cycle can be set from 1 to 9999.

Thermal Testing Service/Control System:
1.This device is divided into three parts high temperature, low temperature zone, the test area, picking off the unique structural and thermal heat storage, thermal storage effect, the application of hot and cold air duct switching mode import.
2.test product, do thermal shock testing, the test product is not moving the way.
3.using original microcomputer-day large LCD LCD (320x240Dots) English display control system.
4.High program memory capacity, the program can be set to store 100 groups, the largest circulation set 9999Cycles, each time the maximum set 999Hrs59Mins.
5.with RS-232C communication interface device can be controlled with a computer online / editing / recording, and two group dynamic contacts (TimeSignalRelay), easy to use.

Shock Testing Chamber/Features:
1.Europe's most advanced new proof handle, perfect design, the appearance of the texture of a high standard.
2.using a large man-machine dialogue LED machine interface touch controller, simple operation, easy to learn, stable and reliable.
3.Impact method using style switching mode, the cold and hot temperatures into the test area to achieve thermal shock testing purposes.
4.Impact time of 0.1 to 999.9 hours, cycle times can be set from 1 to 9999. set the number of automatic defrost cycles and (manual) defrost.
6.operation status display and curves, unusual and fault point display instructions and troubleshooting.
7.European and American original high compression efficiency cascade refrigeration units, operating noise, the provincial energy equipment

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