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Minispin centrifuge 500rpm- 12, 000rpm, more rotors

Minispin centrifuge 500rpm- 12, 000rpm, more rotors available to be changed

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Model: Mini- L
Speed: 500~12000rpm±5%
Max. RCF: 9660 g
Increase speed: 500rpm
Rotor style: Mini-L-A-1: Composite rotor 24×1.5/2.2 & 4×8×PCR0.2
Mini-L-A-2: PCR Angle rotor 4 ×12×PCR0.2
Mini-L-A-3: Angle rotor 4×5ml
Mini-L-A-4: Rotor 12× capillaries
Mini-L-A-5: Angle rotor 4 × 5/1.8/1.1 ml
Display: LED display;
Time range: 1-99min./1-59sec.
Acceleration time: 12 seconds
Deceleration time: 16 seconds
Noice ≤47dB
Dimension: 194×229×120 (mm)
Weight 2 kg
Voltage AC85-264V/50/60Hz
DescrLarge capacity mini centrifuge is used the international advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology,
smooth and beautiful appearance, compact structure, adhering to the high degree of commonality, easy operational advantages.
it is the only product of its kind to have "a smooth start" and "smooth braking functions of centrifuge;"
The mini centrifuge is very suitable for microtubule filtering and fast centrifugal, traces of blood cell separation,
microbial sample processing, the centrifugal PCR experiments, and prevent the phenomenon such as fluid in centrifugal pipe hanging wall.
It is the first choice for processing small batch centrifugal samples.
1. CE, IS09001 certification.
2. Advanced and reliable PI high-frequency full scope wide power control scheme, it suitable all over the world.
3. LCD display, Low noise.
4. Reliable durable dc permanent magnet motor, speed range is wider, 500 ~ 12000 RPM, accuracy + / - 5%;
5. When centrifugal step speed regulation is 500 RPM, effective centrifugal time range: 1-99 minutes or 1-59 seconds;
6. Does add/deceleration rate faster, in less time needed to complete the experiment;
7. Unique design of rotor card button to install without any tools that can replace rotor, let the experimenter replacement rotor more convenient, fast;
8. Novel compound tube turn and compatible with more tube turn, meet the demand of basic experiment;
9. High strength of host and turn material can resist all kinds of chemical corrosion, turned with functions of high temperature disinfection;
10. RSS material damping, you run more smoothly, rotating space is 360 ° arc, no Angle, small wind resistance, low temperature rise, ultra-quiet, machine noise 47 db or less;
11. Door protection, speeding and imbalance of detection system, can be used for real-time monitoring of centrifugal process,
to ensure the safe operation of the instrument, and running an imbalance, error, and the end of the voice signal, stop at the same time, LCD display results code.

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