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3050 40watt co2 laser engraver

3050 40watt co2 laser engraver

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3040/3050 40/50/60W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Generally the model A use Lihuiyu mother board and laserdraw/coredraw software while model B use LaserCAD/AUTOCAD/RUIDA and RDworks engraving software. It makes DSP technology and USB flash disk read and edit file.

1. 3.5 inch Color display screen makes operation easy and friendly man-machine interface. It has laser cutting head movement control, output laser power control,engraving speed control, press key then engraving function, engraving border preview and U disk file reading functions.
2. It adopts DSP high speed processor which supports USDB 2.0 interface and U flash memory disk read and write file. It is good for mass engraving or cutting.
3.It has internal memory makes it can separate from PC and independently set parameters.
4. It has stable high speed cutting and soft velocity variations performance which realizes no sawtooth shape during high speed cutting.
5. Network management makes it communicate with PC easy, security and relible.
6. It has auto lifting platform which is good for different material engraving. The upgrade industrial CO2 laser cutting head has laser adjustment screw. It can get more accuracy laser optics path and engraving effect.
7. It also has automatic blowing, auto focus, pedal switch and security protection function. Also soft/hard coordinate limit protection is applied.
8. It has power off continued carving, power failure recovery, processing time prediction, intelligent typesetting and cost budget function.
9. It supports two laser control function. Each laser power can be adjusted individually. Also two laser head reciprocal cutting is applied at this machine.
10.Small circle cutting speed can be flexibly set and improve small circle cutting effect.
11.Hierarchy data output function is applied. Output power, output speed,laser mode(engraving,cutting or slope engraving at tach hierarchy and these data can be saved automatically.
12. Real-time status or track of engraving or cutting and lock display function are applied on this machine.
13. Gallery has 2000 documents, laser anti-counterfeit fingerprints and thousands of fronts.

1.Laser power:40/50W
3.Laser power supply:MYJG-40/50 CO2 power supply
4.Engraving mainboard: DSP digital control panel. It supports AutoCAD, CoreLDRAM CAD,CAM and other graphics processing software.It supports PLT,AI,BMP,DST,DSB,DXF,etc。
5.Weight: 75Kg
6.Machine size:120x750x850mm
7.Max engraving size:300x400/500mm
8.Platform lifting range:300mm, Rotary fixture is optional.0-50watt CO2 laser engraving or stapm machine

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