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Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester

Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester

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Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester can be used to have the quantitative test of ampoule breaking strength. Ampoules are commonly used to contain pharmaceuticals and they are hermetically sealed by melting the thin top with an open flame, and usually opened by snapping off the neck. The proper breaking force of the neck is crucial for both the pharmaceutical safety and clinical application.

Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester Principle
An ampoule sample is place on the fixtures and the pressing head is driven down by the power system at the speed of 10 mm/m. The breaking strength is detected by the high precision load cell when the pressing head touches the ampoule neck and breaks it.

Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester Features
1. 7 inch TFT touch screen makes parameter setting and test operation easy and convenient.
2. PLC programmable logic controller realizes precise control of the driving system and the overall performance of the instrument.
3. Precision ball screw for accurate speed and displacement.
4. Test speed is adjustable.
5. Tensile and compression tests are available.
6. Multiple fixtures available for other types of pulling and compression tests.
7. Limiting device and automatic returning function ensure safe operation.

Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester Technical Specifications
Test Range 0-200N (Standard)
Speed 10 mm/m (This speed is for ampoule breaking and other speeds available)
Dimension 400mm (L) ×340mm (W) ×800mm (H)
Power AC 220V 50Hz

Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester Standard
GB 2637,YBB00332002

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