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Room temperature cooling circulator/chiller with heating

Room temperature cooling circulator/chiller with heating function FL-0500H

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Typical Applications:
Semiconductor Manufacturing Device Cooling:
Single chip cleaning, printing machine, automatic clamp installation equipment, spraying equipment, ion plating equipment, etching device, single chip processing device, slicing machine, packaging machine, the temperature of the developer management, exposure device, magnetic part of the heating device, etc.
Laser Equipment Cooling:
Laser processing,heating part of the welding machine, laser marking device, chemical reaction plant, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc.
Other Industries Cooling:
Plasma welding, automatic packaging machine, mold cooling, washing machine, gold-plated groove, resin molding machine, precision grinding machine, injection molding machine of molding parts, etc.
Analysis Of Testing Machine Cooling:
Electronic microscope, ICP lighting light source part of the spectrum analysis device, heating part of the spectrophotometer, X-ray analytical device of heat source, automatic pulse heating part of the banner, the light source of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc.
CNC machine, machining center cooling of cooling medium.

1.Temperature of heat transfer fluid can be adjustable.
2.Adopt ASPERA,DANFOSS,MANEUROP,COPELAND etc. Brand compressor,stable performance and can work continuously.
3.Human design,more convenient and flexible.
4.Microcomputer temperature controller,temperature figures display,adjustable unit is 0.1degree, temperature range is 7~30 degree.

5.Use hot gas bypass, save energy and improve the control precision.
6.A variety of fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, high pressure alarm, sensor alarm,compressor overheat alarm)
7.Power on delay protection.
8.All parts are safety grounding.
9.High-performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours continuously running a day.

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