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New Developed Superfine Powder Grinding Machine Scattered

New Developed Superfine Powder Grinding Machine Scattered Depolymerization

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Superfine Powder Mill Scattered Depolymerization

Technical Characteristics: The air flow channel inside the machine is separated from the crushing zone, Crushing multi row and multi-layer, achieve multi stage grinding

Technical Characteristics

1. Using the numerical simulation software to design a suitable crushing and split flow, optimize the grinding machine host and worm wheel air flow structure design

2. Multi row and multi-layer device added to the machine to achieve multi-level material grinding

3. Machine internal airflow channel and crushing area work independently

4. Internal water cooling circulating device, suitable for grinding heat sensitive material (such as polyvinyl alcohol), It will not be deteriorated as the material temperature rised during crushing process, such as Crushed polyvinyl alcohol to produce "bubble" material and make the material color changed that affect the quality of products. At the same time also reduces the material flow with high rotation speed and friction into a ball, so that more difficult to crush.

5. Installed power is small, Installed power one-fourth less than other similar models

6. The pulverizing hammer and the gear ring is made of super hard alloy materials through special processing, easy-wear parts are made of wear-resistant processing, greatly improving the service life of the wearing parts, service life is 3-4 times than other similar models, and greatly reduce the iron impurities (widely used in this manner)

7. A high degree of automation, the whole machine adopts the full closed negative pressure operation, the production environment is clean, no dust pollution, dust emission is less than 20mg/m3 (national environmental protection standard <35mg/m3), completely meet the national environmental protection requirements

Applicable range of materials:

Nonmetal ore (graphite / calcium carbonate etc.), chemical (carbon black /ac foaming agent etc.), food (cocoa / soda etc.), Pesticide dilution powder etc

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