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Industrial X-ray Real-time Imaging System

Industrial X-ray Real-time Imaging System

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X-ray Real-time Imaging System
This system is widely used in the military industry, electric industry, oil industry, chemical industry, refractory material industry, pipeline industry, casting industry, boiler industry, car manufacture industry, pressure container industry, steel construction industry, air industry and other industries for non-destructive testing. The product technology has been awarded national patent. It has been confirmed as the national radiographic equipment base of China in 2004.
The technology of this product received the China's National patents.

System Composition
* X-ray unit
* Imaging unit
* Inspection platform
* Image processing unit
* Lead cabinet

Main Parameters
System resolution: 16Lp/cm~40Lp/cm
System sensitivity: 0.7%~2%
Tube voltage range: 20kV~450kV
Tube current range: 0mA~20mA

Radiography Mode
* By flat panel detector
* By high resolution linear detector
* By image intensifier

Main Functions of Image Processing Software
* Electric shoot, images can be stored by formatted text
* Window and position technology, various flatness reducing noise choices
* 2-512 image de-noising technology, improving resolution ratio and sensitivity of pictures
* Edge enhancement, sharpen negative image, artificial color, real-time image magnify and shrink
* Flaw size measurement and grey scale measurement
* Inspection date, operator name, flaw type, serial number of workpieces tested can be recorded and report can be printed out.
* ROM, result report could be printed
* Laser orientation
* Dynamic storage and dynamic playback
* Set with application software, performing automatic identification.
* Own the Auto-control function for the image flaws

Mechanical Detection Scanning Platform

Basic type: Four-axis motion detection scanning
Standard type: Five-axis motion detection scanning
Function type: Multi-axis motion detection scanning

Radiation protection
In line with national standards. We had got national radiation safety license

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