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Industrial X-ray DR System For Tyre Testing

Industrial X-ray DR System For Tyre Testing

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Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co.,Ltd
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Digital X-ray system for tyres contains high frequency X-ray uint, X-ray digital detector, mechanical device, computer image processing system, control device and lead cabinet.
The system can inspect the body, sidewall, lap, crown, steel cord, and steel belt and other impurities of tyre . Furthermore, it can inspect many kinds of impurities in the tyres.
The technology of this product received the China's National patents.

This system is for inspecting flaws in tyres of cars, medium weight trucks, heavy weight trucks and planes. This system can be classified as online tire automatic testing, retreaded tyres testing and giant tyres testing.

Tyre DR inspection system can be classified into three types according to market requirements:
* Digital U model linear array detector series with high degree of automation and fast test speed
* Digital beeline model detector array series with high degree of automation
* X-ray detector series with high ratio of performance to price

System Composition
* High frequency X-ray unit
* X-ray digital detector
* Computer image processing system
* Central control panel
* Testing system machine device
* Lead cabinet

Inspection Field Car Tyre Heavy Truck Tyre Special Type Tyre
Weight 36kg 150kg 2000-6000kg
Inner diameter 14"-22", 12" is optional 17"-25", 15" is optional 35"-63"
Outer diameter 19.5"-35" 19.5"-54" 2000mm-4000mm
Width 5.75"-20" 5.75"-20", 24" is optional 57mm-1700mm

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