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X-ray DR Inspection System For Wheel Testing

X-ray DR Inspection System For Wheel Testing

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Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co.,Ltd
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Wheel X-ray DR Inspection System is composed of high frequency X-ray unit, X-ray flat panel detector, the special mechanical device, computer image processing system, controller and lead cabinet. And the system can easily inspect the slag inclusion, crack, loosen and other flaws in hubs.
The technology of this product received the China's National patents.

Main Parameter

Inspect the wheel whose diameter is from 13 inches to 26 inches
Wheel transport:automatic recognize wheel model, automatic and semi-automatic recognize wheel defects
The testing speed is less than 2 pcs/min for 14" wheel
Controller by computer and PLC
Inspecting mode: By manual, half-automatic or fully automatic
A/D change: 16 bit
System resolution: 30LP/cm~36LP/cm
System sensitivity: 1%~1.8%
X-ray tube voltage: 30kV ~160kV
X-ray tube current : 0.5mA ~5mA
X-ray high voltage frequency: 40kHz
X-ray high voltage frequency: 40kHz

System Composition
* High frequency X-ray unit
* X-ray flat panel detector
* Computed image processing control system
* Inspection system with transmitting device
* Inspection plate
* Lead cabinet

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