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Portable X-ray DR System

Portable X-ray DR System

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Dandong Aolong Radiative Instrument Group Co.,Ltd
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It is a portable X-ray DR system. Pulse X ray could generate high energy x ray within very short time(25ns), the output dose is about 3mR at the distance of 12 inch(30.5cm) from the front of X-ray machine, according to the sample which you want to inspect, you can select the corresponding model of X ray machine according your request, the pulse x ray machine owns more advantage than ordinary constant frequency x ray machine and radioactive source machine. Big size flat panel detector could satisfy various inspection requests, inspection result could real time display on laptop, the result could be save and print.
Small outsize, and with high penetrating ability
Using min input voltage but generate high voltage
Battery and HV generator is packed in a small package, easy to take
X ray machine and flat panel detector total weight is around 8kg

Cost- benefit
Cost is lower than other technique
Maintenance cost is lower than radioactive source
Reduce working time and labor
Friendly operation interface, with pulse setting
It is easy to be fixed on tripod and other fixing tools.
: Output dose: Max 4.0mR/pulse, min 2.6mR/pulse
X ray size: 1/8inch(3mm)
X ray pulse width:50n second
MAX duty circle: 200pulse/4mins(3000pulse/ h)
Warming up: no
Flat panel detector size: 35cm x 43cm
Pixel pitch :140micron m
X ray voltage 270kV(other models are optional)
Output dose Max 4.0mR/pulse, min 2.6mR/pulse
X ray size 1/8inch(3mm)
X ray pulse width 50n second
MAX duty circle 200pulse/4mins(3000pulse/ h)
Warming up no
Flat panel detector size 35cm x 43cm
Pixel pitch 140micron m

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